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    What is your ideal home?

    Happy where we are now, only thing would be nice is a pool., but how often do you use it. Spent ages looking for the location then designed the house ourselves. Just need to get some split systems put in as our good old Bonaire ducted won't work over 40 deg.
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    Body Corp won't allow installation of air con

    Well finally got it all done late last night, tenant very happy, body corporate now happy as well. Just need to fix up hole in outside brickwork with mortar cement and all good. Actually after all the pain a good outcome as the outdoor unit is in a nice shady well protected spot. Not...
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    how to make $110k 12mths without quitting my day job

    Great read Erica, good luck with everything, I am sure it will work out. Having been through some minor reno's lately I can feel your pain. Sometimes it seems like the problems are never ending, you fix one thing, then something else happens. Look forward to seeing the updates.
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    Should we re think our strategy?

    Thanks everyone. Michael I owe you an apology Epping was through Bill Zheng. Apologies if I got confused NM will definitely hold, Kensington might see what happens. Next is going to be house or townhouse, sick of body corps.
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    Welcome Pack for Tenants

    Ouch... We had a great couple from Perth renting one of our IP's for three years, unfortunately split and one went back to Perth, other couldn't afford to stay.
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    Unbelievable tradies!

    ouch nasty should have sent him the cleaning bill.
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    The Gong

    Will be up there in a few weeks (Wollongong) staying the monastery should be fun. Any recommended areas to check out as investment potential? Thanks
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    An Interview with LeoT

    I wish I had done the same as you when young instead of blowing money on fast cars and women lol. Sounds like you are set up now.
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    Welcome Pack for Tenants

    Well hope it sweetens the deal as per my other post delays with air con install. Got agent to ring new tenant and she said no big deal don't sweat over if it is not finished, ok to come back and do it when you can. Hopefully a good sign!
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    brisbane massive hail storm

    And PDR's..
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    Unbelievable tradies!

    Had a tradie turn up 20 mins early today, lucky I was there early as well. I use a property maintenance guy who has a great team of tradies and then finally found a decent elec / air con installer after trying about five others who never even wanted to turn up.
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    An Interview with LeoT

    great interview loved it some great advice there.
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    Body Corp won't allow installation of air con

    Core drill hole went ok thank god should have done that in the first place, lucky came out between a light and another power connection with about 20cm in between. Not sure if can finish today, and tenant moves in tomorrow. Just have to work around it. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Lesson...
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    Top End owned by corrupt officials

    So pick up some top end properties on the cheap? There is a boy at my son's school just arrived from China, they have just bought a $2 million plus house in Kew, drive a brand new Merc E63. Husband is still in China of course, when asked what he does - "runs his own business", won't...
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    Body Corp won't allow installation of air con

    True Bob, next one is townhouse or house with no BC!!!
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    Logan: Getting a bit too hot?

    No fence required around the pool? That looks dangerous.
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    Body Corp won't allow installation of air con

    saga continues... Thought I had told installer what to do.. But can't really blame him as he was trying to do the right thing by me. He put some flashing on the outside wall to hide the cables running down from near the kitchen window to where it comes out from underneath. Miss mad lady...
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    Tactics for increasing rent

    consider a reasonable rise, but consider the cost of losing the tenant and having the apartment empty. Not sure on area but the rental market seems pretty fickle at the moment with all new apartments going up.
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    Should we re think our strategy?

    Thanks everyone for all the advice so far will consider those options. Might hold Kensington for a while and see how we track, then in the mean time try and pay down as much debt as possible. Also thanks for your advice Michael. We have followed you web site closely and been to some of...
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    Is it possible to build 2 townhouses on 405m2 LMR2 site?

    What suburb / location may depend on local planning regs.