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    Six figure deposit and want to get into Sydney property market

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Don't wait for a correction that may never happen. Buy smart and buy well .. good luck! vtt :D
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    Real Estate audio (research)

    I'm also a big fan of The Property Couch. I also like "Everyday property investing", and I listen to "We buy houses radio" but I find that one a bit all over the place. I also like the Mark Bouris podcast - not specifically real estate related - more economy related, he does refer to property...
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    Are Chinese boom suburbs the mining boom suburbs of tomorrow

    Not entirely correct. The OC component of the school is good however as you mentioned there are only two classes. A lot of resources go into the OC group, but the other classes are no different to a regular public school in the area. vtt
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    Executive committee chairperson constantly harassing my tenants

    This person sounds like a pain but you do need to make sure your tenant is squeaky clean. My thoughts ... - I don't think your tenant can park an unregistered car (in bits?) that he's working on in his car space, it will probably breach the "appearance of lot" by law. Is this pedantic...
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    Repair to IP

    Thank you. Clearly we are using different guttering people as this job is $470, and for a much smaller section than yours! Yes of course we can fix the guttering when we move in (which we will) but my question relates to the deduction. I know it's semantics but I would expect that 6 weeks to...
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    Repair to IP

    Hi Terry, How much notice is enough notice? We asked them in second week of May to get the work done before end of June. That is 6 weeks. Is that not enough time? The guttering is being repaired like for like, no improvement. It is only a small section (about 30cm) that is affected...
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    Repair to IP

    Hi Terry The tenant is due to move out at the end of June and after a renovation it will become our PPOR - I'm assuming the repair won't be deductible once the tenant has moved out, or is that not correct? We aren't replacing the guttering, it is a repair to one section including some...
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    Repair to IP

    Hi all, The tenants will be moving out of our IP when the lease expires at the very end of June. Back at the beginning of May (before tenants gave notice) I learned that part of the guttering had been damaged in a storm and needed repair. I asked the PM to arrange a quote for repair, which...
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    HECS debt and death.

    She is sort of correct. Once you reach a certain income threshold you have to repay a percentage of your income (I think it's up to 8%) as FEE-HELP. On the death of someone with a FEE-HELP debt, the trustee or executor has to complete the final tax return for the deceased, the FEE-HELP...
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    housing commission

    Agree with this. Call the department of housing they will help you and can give you streets where they have properties (but not street numbers). Would not call the cops. Only call cops for crimes, otherwise you're taking their time away from catching crooks. vtt
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    Views + Contracts = Results?

    Hi all Am in the process of selling our PPOR in the southern suburbs of Sydney. It's going for auction and we are in week 3 of the campaign. Just wondering from others with more experience at this than me is does the number of people viewing at the open house (and/or possibly second or third...
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    Neighbour abuse and defamation

    Yes. Killing a defenseless animal for a bit of revenge is drastic. And inappropriate. There was no lol from me at that comment. Anyhoo... To the OP.. Have you raised this with your strata manager?
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    Third year of defects rectification in a new property

    I completely empathise with you. We bought a brand new property in 2002 (OTP Townhouse). It took 8 years, the builder claiming bankruptcy (though he drives a 2014 Lexus) and endless back and forth with the insurer and a very expensive lawyer but it finally got done. Our ensuite was repaired a...
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    Airbnb and Strata

    Jodes out of interest what was the concern of the OC? Were the guests noisy or disruptive or something that caused them to raise this as an issue? Good that they were reasonable about it and it worked out well for you. Always handy to stay on the good side of the neighbours especially if this...
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    Strata issue or ours?

    Now you're just being silly!!! :D To the OP, if you are in NSW then this document is a useful reference. vtt
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    Strata issue or ours?

    Where are the drains that are being blocked? Are we talking your kitchen sink or outdoor drains or where? Some drains are yours, some are OC. vtt
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    Pics of Your Pets!

    Belle (on the left) and Bronte (on the right). Birman sisters from the same litter born on Boxing Day 2013. Belle likes eating. A lot. Her nickname is Belle-e-fant!!! Bronte likes playing but she's really goofy and not light footed. Her nickname is Bronte-saurus. They hang out with us...
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    Painting inside of your home - worth doing Urself or best to employ a professional?

    Risky strategy Scott - unless you intend for your walls to look like something done by Pro Hart? :D :D :D
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    Painting inside of your home - worth doing Urself or best to employ a professional?

    You can definitely do this yourself but I'd suggest going to Bunnings and attending their painting workshops. They will teach you how to properly cut in, load your brush, load your roller, what roller to choose for different surfaces etc. If you don't learn how to do it properly then your paint...
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    Poor first home buyers Sydney

    You can't compare past, current and future state as they are not all equal. In the past as others have said there were more restrictions on loans, in fact if my memory serves me right there were not a lot of loan options it was just pretty much a P+I variable loan without any extras (no...