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  1. Ruby

    The simonjulie Interview

    As everyone knows the interviews’ are a great resource for all members, so we thought it was worthwhile giving an update on one of our interviewees. Julie has finished her long awaited book and it is being launched on Sunday the 11th of April, so for all those Sydney people who’d like to make...
  2. Ruby

    Selling Mature Palm Trees There are a few other sites around too.....someone might want them. :) Ruby
  3. Ruby

    Digital Photo Frame

    I've had a few cheapies.......but you can't go past the Kodak frames. They are worth the extra money. Ruby :)
  4. Ruby

    Have you retired off are you travelling?

    Don't worry the "interviews" have not stopped, they have just gone on a short break and will be returning at some stage. LOL, amazing as it may seem, not everyone is willing to bare all. :eek: But stay tuned........
  5. Ruby

    Melbourne Xmas 2009 Somersoft Meeting - 2nd Dec

    I'll be in QLD so can't make it either.....hopefully next time! Ruby :)
  6. Ruby

    What I do in my free time

    That's tragic thoughts go to his family. :( Thanks for letting us know Jim.
  7. Ruby


    Exactly ozperp, but with Olly I'd say its more us both being members of Pete's Property Investing Group. We have no common friends. Ruby :)
  8. Ruby


    It’s probably not a bad idea for you to edit your privacy settings Olly. Your face pops up all the time as a friend suggestion for me and it will for others as well. People will actually think you want to be friends, not everyone will be out there stalking you. Facebook and networking sites...
  9. Ruby

    Cups of tea with dad/son

    Deciding what to do with ashes can be such a difficult decision, something which you certainly don’t have with a burial. I think it’s very important not to make any rash decisions though (but several years isn't that rash :rolleyes:). I’m thankful that the crematorium had a 3 month for free...
  10. Ruby

    Anybody into Kayaking?

    You might find this thread interesting........
  11. Ruby

    The Interview #16

    It's all done via PM's and email.
  12. Ruby

    The Interview #16

    I just wanted to say a huge thanks to Player for doing ‘The Interview’ for us this time. It’s a fantastic read and I hope everyone enjoys it. Ruby :)
  13. Ruby

    The Player Interview

    Interview with Player – 15th April 2009 How did you get involved in property? Whilst I did have a small taste of investing in property from my parents and observing other friends and relatives, I always had a feeling that wealthy people acquired their wealth by investing in property...
  14. Ruby


    Do you grind your teeth in your sleep??
  15. Ruby

    Thanks lizzie.....

    Oh I didn’t want anyone to get upset……….I was just really happy with how it has turned out and wanted to share. I would never have known about it if lizzie hadn’t of posted. It’s pretty cool and in a small way brings some comfort, if you know what I mean….. Amazing what they can do these...
  16. Ruby

    Thanks lizzie.....

    You know it amazes me sometimes what a wonderful resource Somersoft is. :) I just thought I’d take this opportunity to thank lizzie for this post she made back in 2007. As some of you might remember we lost our son a few...
  17. Diamond_007


    Lifegem Created Diamond
  18. Ruby

    The "back, crack and er____" waxed metrosexual monkey boys are out

    The answer is very simple Rob………Reality TV!! If they can find women for farmers I’m sure they'd have no trouble finding someone for you. Better still produce it yourself and make a fortune while you are at it. I’m sure the networks would be fighting over it….. :D Ruby
  19. Ruby

    Would you buy a property whose backyard neighbour is a cemetery? Is it a good buy?

    Hasn’t there been some concerns about pollution to ground waters from decomposing bodies and chemicals near cemeteries? Just thought I’d heard something…….might have been my imagination though. :eek:
  20. Ruby

    Ipod Downloads

    I just hate being forced into using proprietary software, especially ones that have issues. Having been used to standard mp3 players previously, where you have freedom and choices in how you handle your music. I just hate the way apple try to force itunes on you. Luckily there are ways...