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    Yet another Brisbane thread... $650k budget

    MWDB, good to hear from a builder, investor and on the grounds that is happening in the area.
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    The Mother of All Booms is Coming??

    For H&L in Brisbane were would you buy? I understand you were buying old style units in 3-7km around the 300k mark. Just looking for a perfect storm, get in a H&L now, with anticipate completion in 9-12 months time for a rising Brisbane market...
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    $58K to start with and read on

    Did Chirag get his BA license? very inspirational career development Not sure how you would find the time for full time IT job, few development on the go and now a BA. Congrats!!
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    Schofield - Projected growth in the next 5 years? I know those streets well. The streets in Riverstone would be purchased around $130/m2 when it was rezoned 3 years ago, so under $3m for a 5 acre lot. It was rezoned under Riverstone precinct in May 2010, but there wasn't a big demand then from...
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    Schofield - Projected growth in the next 5 years?

    I grew up in a acreage farm directly opposite The Ponds. Back track some 15-20 years ago, I would miss out on dates and invited from friends because they think it is too far for me to come to the city, and consider I am the farm boy. Now city people are camping out to buy farm boy land
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    Brace for even higher price!

    BIS Shrapnel get's 9/10 of their prediction wrong. In the 1 July 2013... "We are forecasting total price growth in Sydney over the three years to June 2016 to be 19 per cent, or a moderate 5.9 per cent per annum." "BIS Shrapnel is also enthusiastic about Sydney's...
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    Small townhouses vs luxury townhouse?

    for the 4L T/H, would that be like garage on ground flr, living 2nd, bed 1 3rd, master on 4th? I am on 2 flr T/H, and I hate the stairs. am i correct to assume there is about 300m2 land for the build? yield and demand would be better for the 2-3 x 70m2, rather 1 x 200m2 for areas like...
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    housing commission

    rpdata Professional
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    market near the top

    any words with Brisbane/Adelaide tax drivers talking property?
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    housing commission

    People's perception that Redfern is very inferior to Waterloo in regards HC stock, needs to change. Google map tells us that anything after Philips Rd is Waterloo. See attached rpdata generated data I did for Redfern and Waterloo. Most of Redfern HC stock are scattered in pockets of east of...
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    Clueless unsupportive mother

    omg, you tell your mother how many properties you have? my wife sometimes asks me how many properties we have, and my answer is never the same...
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    Sydney Market at top - calling a severe correction in 2018-2019

    That's 12-18% per year increase, and is inalign with Sydney increase for last 3 years. Some suburbs did better, some did worst. This increase can be demonstrated in terms of median increase for a suburb As for Melbourne, a $550k to a $1m+ in 3 years. That is an exceptional result. Are there one...
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    Got to love out of area agents! Mount Druitt steal in this market

    could be an updated sale. though different owner Nov 2014 and now, the selling agent is same as in Nov 2014 with identical listing description. I don't believe there was open market sale/listing for recent. note bottom of listing " that you can move in before Christmas"
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    Qld State Govt approves New Logan Planning Scheme. Start in May

    no you can't :p best use is a detached duplex (strata tiled) that you can sell seperatly
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    Qld State Govt approves New Logan Planning Scheme. Start in May

    The 170m2 main dwelling + 70m2 aux should possible on 500m2. I would recommend attached rather than detached since you need 4 parking space ( maybe a double garage and tandem 2 car space in front of garage. 1 set of Infra fee should be payable for this configuration, but 2 set of council rate...
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    Qld State Govt approves New Logan Planning Scheme. Start in May

    The initial Fact sheet came out didn't specify how many room you can have. Later it was included in the definition of auxiliary unit, that you must have max 2 bedroom. In NSW, the 60m2 max floor space, I have seen 4 bedroom granny flat approved and built. You can ask LCC if a study/media room...
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    See Change and Richard Feynman . let's hype the sydney market thread .

    Under sepp aka granny flat allowable is 60m2. If you need more than this, you can submit DA but car space and private open space applies. Though you cant strata title the end product under blacktown council
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    See Change and Richard Feynman . let's hype the sydney market thread . no it's just R2. Directly across the road is R4. I live 50m from subject prop. Newton is a busy road. It is not a regular granny flat build at the back. Submit as dual occupancy, hence they can build bigger than 60m2. I think the...
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    July edition of The Somersoft mag - oops I mean API

    Great achievement Girls. Good to put a name to the face. Admittedly I went out 2 purchase 2 API because SS member was there... The location and timing on some of your western sydney properties seems to be a match, and your strategy for the future also draw similar ideas... Perhaps we should...
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    Brisbane architecture for 3-4 townhouses development

    You can try Brett Richards/Pro Town Planners Mobile 0427 561 663. I was told QLD have the most expensive development and build cost, but I wasn't expecting that much. definite an eye opener :eek: The infra fees alone would be $80k-110k for 3-4 dwellings. how does people make money in...