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  1. Jake D


    uflix looks great.
  2. Jake D


    Stop using Hola.
  3. Jake D

    Could someone help me with this sewage plan?

    Line is most likely part of an arrow indicating the direction of flow for the sewer main below it.
  4. Jake D


    Take a footy down the park and have a kick.
  5. Jake D

    Fixing wrong financing plan

    Tax deductability of the interest of a loan depends on the PURPOSE of the loan. Not on the SECURITY. You can use the SECURITY of your existing house to get a loan for the PURPOSE of some other investment, this will be tax deductable.
  6. Jake D

    convert lounge to bedroom

    No, he's saying it doesn't require much more work to add a closet. I assume h'e implying it's worth the effort. (I agreee)
  7. Jake D

    Perth meetup - Saturday, June 20th

    I'm keen, will have to check the calendar a little closer to the date though.
  8. Jake D

    Building First Home

    I'm not saying you won't get useful answers here on somersoft, but I think you'll find a lot of really helpful in-depth answers over at the homeone forum. You'll also see a lot of members detailing their build process, which can give you a very useful heads-up.
  9. Jake D

    Most fun jobs you've ever had

    Of course we did.
  10. Jake D

    Most fun jobs you've ever had

    Worked as a concierge in Observation City Hotel (Scarborough Beach, Perth). A bunch of 18-21 yo boys with all-access to a luxury hotel, room service, bars, and all the valet cars, what could possibly go wrong?
  11. Jake D

    Torrenting Possible Fines

    You can quite easily block certain protocols with your router. It's basically an on/off switch for torrents. Would be a good way to ensure your tenants don't get you in any trouble. (Obviously, using a VPN will let them do it anyway, but that will also stop you getting in trouble)
  12. Jake D

    Torrenting Possible Fines

    What's missing from many of the reports about this is that iinet aren't the only ISP handing over information. They are the only ones who tried to resist the DBC request and ended up in court. A bunch of other ISPs just handed the personal details of their customers over (and have been doing so...
  13. Jake D

    Retaining Walls- Perth

    If you decide panel & post is the way to go, my thoughts are here.
  14. Jake D

    Retaining Walls- Perth

    Limestone, panel & post, mass brick, or something else? Is it on a boundary? Is there existing buildings? Will it have buildings over or near it? Will it have a fence over? A parking space? What is the soil classification of your site? How high?
  15. Jake D

    Have you consider where your super goes when you die?

    I also came here for the answer.
  16. Jake D

    Capital rich (relatively) but income poor

    Oh look, I'm not the only one!
  17. Jake D

    Question for people on low incomes

    If I were you, I'd hit up a broker and ask them to calculate it for you. Banks' calculators can be quite generous and not take much of your personal situation into account. A broker wants to get you a loan, it's how they get paid. So they will be far less likely to quote you a figure that...
  18. Jake D

    Question about loans against equity

    I've commented in red. My answers are super basic and make asumptions, but hopefully it makes sense and get get you started. I
  19. Jake D

    building on piles in WA

    Usually a second layer of mesh in the strip footing.
  20. Jake D

    Bad Friday

    If they don't understand why the death of Christ would be good, they're missing the whole message. Even Weeds got it.