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  1. HD_ACE

    North Perth R60 Apartment block thread

    Yes, we had one just last Saturday. Join us at propertychat for the next one.
  2. HD_ACE

    End of an Era

    Thank you to Jan and Ian and to everyone really. A turning point in my life coming across this forum that's for sure.
  3. HD_ACE

    Perth meetup - Saturday, June 20th

    Are we talking pub crawl party bus? :D
  4. HD_ACE

    Building inspectors in Perth

    Just used resicert for a handover inspection. Picked up alot of things i didnt see or have a clue about :D Will use again.
  5. HD_ACE

    Perth meetup - Saturday, June 20th

    Im in. .
  6. HD_ACE

    Soakwell sitework cost WA

    Greed. Let the other builder know of the other quotes and to reprice and see what they come back with.
  7. HD_ACE

    Ouch - $30K being taxed and not much deductions to off set

    Yes. Unless the equity or increased funds are used for income producing purposes, the interest will not be claimable.
  8. HD_ACE

    Pics of Your Pets!

    My Dog Cruiser and cat Flash. Both so annoying.
  9. HD_ACE

    Perth - could be a good opportunity

    Taking their sweet time on this one.
  10. HD_ACE

    Subdivision on Odd Shaped Block

    Is the Zoning R20/25? or flat R25? If it is dual coded, you might want to check with Bayswater council or in their TPS to make sure there is no minimum frontage to get the higher R25 density. Yes first step is to get a survey (Vision surveyors are great) Then you have got a couple of...
  11. HD_ACE

    Development block perth

    Have you done the numbers on a small apartments? Even though there are quite a few poping up, you might find they suit your long term hold and rent plan. You should look further into whats more popular small 3x2s or larger 4x2s. Talk to some agents. Walk the streets. See all the new...
  12. HD_ACE

    Applying for the power dome from Western Power (Perth

    I put nothing, They will orginise someone to install it once you have paid.
  13. HD_ACE

    RBA May 2015 announcement - 25 point cut

    Whats the problem? PPOR not IP?
  14. HD_ACE

    Should I use a Buyer's Agent?

    heres my 6c BAs offer a service which is obviously utilised, and for a fee. Every situation is different so there is no yes or no answer. I have bought property myself in several countries. And I have used a Ba to purchase property also. I can honestly tell you my ba purchased property has...
  15. HD_ACE

    Changes / tightening on servicing for investors

    National Rental Affordability Scheme Search the forum for alot more info.
  16. HD_ACE

    Break fixed rate or not?

    That may very well be true, but what was the Lmi premium you paid? Also the lmi premium may be deductible over 5 years or the life of the loan which ever is shorter if the use is changed from personal to income producing. So keep this in mind if your going to rent out and refinance as the...
  17. HD_ACE

    Splitting expenses to render building

    756k to render a building :eek: Im in the wrong bussiness. Or get more quotes.
  18. HD_ACE

    Break fixed rate or not?

    And what about the Lmi again? This can be used as credit to refinance to reno and refinance to pull equity after the reno?
  19. HD_ACE

    To buy PPOR or IP?

    I Also used all the FHO grants and bought a property, lived in it for 6 months and then rented it out. The purchase was 100% based on Investment and not emotional as i could live anywhere in Perth. Helped me secure another soon after. Comes down to your situation and goals.
  20. HD_ACE

    Perth nightmare!

    A bit more info needed. Suburb? Previous rent? Develolment potential? Demand in the area for a reno project? What sort of main cost items need addressing? You might find it maybe more appealing as a doer uper for fhb.