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  1. Kent Cliffe

    End of an Era

    Looking forward to the new site and the new opportunities.
  2. Kent Cliffe

    Where to buy in Perth for short term profit

    Hi Kimmy, I'd suggest that Sanj is right, there are deals in the market. However, based on your $600k total cost assumptions and target profit of $75k - $100k - this represents a 12.5% - 17% margin over 12 months which is pretty aggressive in short flip subdivision deals. sub 12% is more...
  3. Kent Cliffe

    Buying "Under market value" and giving low ball offers

    On the ground I'm seeing a split market. Villas, new properties and locations 25km+ out of the CBD are seeing price reduction activity and vendors considering negotiation. Properties sub $500k with a good land size within 20km+ of the CBD and development sites all over are still seeing healthy...
  4. Kent Cliffe

    Home prices compared to a year ago

    Hi Perthnoob, This client is looking at holding the site for 5 years before considering redevelopment, the reasoning behind the investment purchase was: High land component value of 85%+ of the purchase price. MW Research suggests the area to have growing future demand, combined with limited...
  5. Kent Cliffe

    Home prices compared to a year ago

    I have been looking in Lynwood for clients with an appetite to develop down the track. I have been finding the development sites are still quite hotly contested. One I recently purchased was (this is still subject to Western Australian Planning Commission approval)...
  6. Kent Cliffe

    Live in Studio Rent out PPOR

    You'll need to obtain a planning approval from the Local Council for the ancillary dwelling. The main consideration will be setbacks and car bays. For my clients I also suggest making the 2 dwellings operate independent of each other. (i.e. clearly defined separate area, laundry, drive way...
  7. Kent Cliffe

    Congratulations Kent

    Hi Guys, I just saw this and thanks for the well wishes. I look forward to continue my contribution to the forum (and new one) and wider property investment community. Thanks again,
  8. Kent Cliffe

    Deciding PM1 or PM2 in WA

    The way your post is written the only item to compare the PMs on is fees. So go for the cheapest... Lets say we have 2 PMs: A) All inclusive 15%p.a. B) All inclusive 18%p.a. And your property is going to rent for $20,000 p.a. The difference in PMs would work out to being $11.50 per week...
  9. Kent Cliffe

    Perth - property market transition

    Patchwork Quilt If I could use one object to signify the market it would be a patchwork quilt. A a broad one sentence update; property stock is rising and buyer volume is down and vendors price expectations are optimistic. In saying that good quality properties are selling at the first...
  10. Kent Cliffe

    Perth Reno

    You need to source areas with high price divergence. This means picking a homogeneous property type (i.e. 3 bed / 1 bath 500sqm) and seeing a wide range in property prices being sold. Then you need to consider other market factors that are skewing the sales values. A wide price suggests...
  11. Kent Cliffe

    R Codes battle axe

    The easiest an non-technical definition is: Group Dwelling: the dwellings are separated by walls to the horizontal. i.e. villa & town house Multiple Dwelling: the dwellings are separated by ceiling to the vertical. i.e. apartment
  12. Kent Cliffe

    buyers agent fees and experiences Perth

    Hi All, I'm the BA here and I'm providing clarification on the various items discussed: The fee is about 3% of a $600k purchase for a retain and build. This includes a full report, written advice from council and feasibility. In this market, for many clients I'm choosing not to take on...
  13. Kent Cliffe

    Inner city or house and land Perth?

    What do you need in your portfolio?
  14. Kent Cliffe

    Auction how to get it right

    Hi Forum, I just picked this up on the weekend at Auction for a client: Basic tips: Start the bidding low and be quick. Confident voice and be louder without shouting. Be assertive with the...
  15. Kent Cliffe

    Fliping grouped properties to developers

    I have seen people make money at this in places where there are TPS clauses which prevent development due to certain land size thresholds, frontage requirements or where the topography allows for an additional group dwelling block of land to be carved around existing dwellings. In Perth due...
  16. Kent Cliffe

    Where to Buy in Perth?

    Should have used a Buyers Agent ;) That nature reserve just south of the property is earmarked for the Roe Highway extension.
  17. Kent Cliffe

    Alternate Consturction in Perth

    I was looking to see how the end sales values went as a little bit of a research project. Thanks for the comments, and yes acoustics would be very hard to contain.
  18. Kent Cliffe

    Strata Report Perth

    The strata process here in the West is fairly lax with most agents crossing out 99% of the Form 28. A good Buyers Agent would do due diligence into the strata. The way we do it is a privacy release annexure as part of the O&A. With the release we go to the strata manager direct and...
  19. Kent Cliffe

    Alternate Consturction in Perth

    Hi fellow Perth forum junkies, I have a favour to ask as I'm doing a little bit of research and would like to leverage off everyone's collective eyes. Can anyone point me in the direction of any large scale apartment projects in Perth metro that have used steel frame construction?
  20. Kent Cliffe

    Is Market Sentiment Changing

    In Perth the Market between $400k and $550k is still hot due to the changes in the FHOG bringing forward demand. After the 1st of July the market will slow a little in this price point due to the demand. Development sites in Perth are still strong with the market priced ones moving within a...