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    Tree roots causing damage

    Good post. The problem is that the terracotta pipes do in time leak from the joints. The roots are going to the water leak which must have occurred first. As well, it was not unusual for the plumber to install OK then the builder dumped a load of rock and clay shale on the pipes. I have...
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    Broken Shower Screen

    You said, "It's a product or installation failure". So prove it. Your statement is not conclusive, far from it. That shower handle is metallic and heavy. A tap could cause the break. It is a confined space which makes that likely. As well, the handle even has a sharp edge on the metal...
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    QBE does not cover accidental damage for landlords insurance

    A further risk is possible rejection of the claim by the insurer and the effect that could have on later claims.
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    Broken Shower Screen

    An accidental sharp bang on the top edge - where the failure seems to have originated - with that shower rose or handle could chip the glass edge, leading to its sudden failure then or later. It only takes a chip on the edge, but otherwise the glass should be strong. If I was the tenant I...
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    POLL: Using water when Showering effects : Please Help!

    How old are you? To confirm my understanding.
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    Residential Tenancy Act

    Small investors, aspirational mums and dads, provide much of the available rental housing. They are poorly organised and when they speak, are treated as individuals. Owners typically rely on REAs or 'someone' to represent their interests, but REAs and 'others' have their own interests and...
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    Request from tenant to replace locks

    Does contents insurance taken out by tenants cover loss of keys? If so what might be claimed in this circumstance? It is an innocent question. I know that as a landlord I am expected to be my brother's keeper.
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    $600 to supply and install one external door!

    $600? There is the compelling argument for Reg457 workers.
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    Request from tenant to replace locks

    Tenant Insurance Maybe some of the insurance reps on here might comment on what insurance a tenant should have and whether they might be able to claim for such loss? It always strikes me as a little odd that the benefits of insurance to tenants is rarely if ever mentioned. The OP question...
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    cockroach problem

    Agree. It is impossible for the insects to get used to the insect growth regulator (IGR) in Mortein roach and flea 'bombs'. I have never encountered roaches that survive the Permethrin in it either. However all cupboards must be open and adequate cans used as recommended. Cheap, safe and...
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    Potential tenant doesn't like agent

    It all comes down to risk management. What would owners say is the likelihood of scoring a less than satisfactory tenant and what are the possible consequences? What are the risk treatments? Remembering that some treatments may also introduce new and additional risks. Just to cut to...
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    Tennant desputing landlord decision

    The rights and comfort of the many tenants who do not want to live in digs that were once a pet kennel or a fume cupboard for a chain smoker are not being considered. Many owners would be more positive about pet ownership if: - the tenants reciprocated by keeping pets outdoors, which...
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    Water tanks

    'Your' toilet maybe. As in your own home. There is less likelihood that you as owner-occupier will be encouraged by tenancy advocates and lawyers to be a nuisance at the Tribunal and sue yourself.(sic) The regulators see the landlord as his brother's keeper, which is a vastly different...
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    Management Fees Brisbane

    Today we received a REA letter recommending 'safety inspections' @$249 a pop. God knows how long such an inspection would be current for and what small print the entrepreneur's lawyers have written into it. The REA says that its PM is not competent to do inspections. Can't take photos for...
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    Water tanks

    I notice that one of the scurrilous, hyperventilating, news-making 'current affairs' programs is 'investigating' problems with tank water. Doubtless the entrepreneurs will step in and the quick-witted with their ambulance-chasing lawyers. Anyone still believe that a tank is a good idea?
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    Water tanks

    I lived on a farm for years so I am used to the pros and cons of roof-gathered water and the water quality and maintenance issues. There are water tanks on our properties, with lines to toilets and to a garden tap. All were professionally installed and to a good standard. We were being very...
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    Management Fees Brisbane

    Owners need to revolt against diversification of fees and charges. They are being nickeled and dimed to death.:eek: While a low management fee could mean unsatisfactory management, high fees are no guarantee of better management either. Caveat emptor, let the buyer beware.
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    Does having Professional photos get a higher return on your investment property?

    It isn't rocket science. Who then should be taking photos for entry and exit condition reports and for evidence of damage? A practical question, I have no oar in the water apart from being an owner who is being squeezed for more and more outgoings.
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    Opinion on actions to be taken?

    Just thinking, where a tenant seeks approval for a dog, should the pet clause include requirement for tenant to supply and maintain an outside kennel suitable for the animal?
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    Does having Professional photos get a higher return on your investment property?

    You are right. I am assuming that a good, professional PM would be capable and motivated to take reasonable photos during inspections, and that the REA would have a suitable camera. Regarding the diversification of fees and charges, an ant can eat an elephant. For instance, owners are...