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    What to do when dealing with an incompetent RE agent?

    Put in a low offer because you can be pretty sure that everyone else has walked by now so it will probably be the only offer on the table. If you have a sense of humour put in an offer subject to a condition that the agent let you actually see the property in person:)
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    Domain Vs. Real Which is better?

    In Qld I find a lot more properties go onto but the best feature of domain is that when you search latest listings it also brings up updated listings which often is a price reduction.
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    What do you think about this Brisbane property?

    Quite often see these little "bargains" left listed for sale well after going under contract - every inquiry is another email address for the agent to add to their "exclusive database of qualified buyers".
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    Do agents OVER quote to buyers?

    Well the agents are all talking up the prices right now. There may be something in that too, a lot of houses are now coming on the market without a list price and the agents are testing the market for price. I have joked with a few of them that they mustn't be very good agents if they don't...
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    vendor discounting to settle earlier, contract unconditional?

    Agreed .... let them make the first offer. You have nothing to lose by seeing what they put on the table, whereas they may lose a lot. Good luck, hope you get a great result.
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    Do agents OVER quote to buyers?

    This is what happened to me yesterday on a property going to auction next Wednesday. Marketing agent says seller must sell, etc etc so I put in an offer because I won't touch auctions unless its the bank selling it. Rang agent for second inspection of this house as a prospective IP and...
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    Buying out the wife on PPOR to become IP

    Thanks Shahin, the LOC that I currently have is on the same variable rate as the 210k mortgage - 5.79%. Its on a package with Suncorp, quite happy with them to be honest. I did insist with them that they be stand alone mortgages, not a problem if I use the LOC as the deposit apparently but...
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    Buying out the wife on PPOR to become IP

    We owned three houses in the NT before the booms of 2004 onwards, we sold them all before that for very little gains, that seemed good at the time. I have regretted selling those properties every day ever since, I would be a very wealthy man had I just held onto them - they were positively...
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    Buying out the wife on PPOR to become IP

    I am lucky Nemo, my wife is very on board with me and happy to leave the decisions up to me, we are a team and she gets behind me trying to make a life for our family. Believe it or not, I actually made an offer on three properties (PPOR!!) before without her seeing them .... and she fully...
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    Buying out the wife on PPOR to become IP

    Well after a few late nights studying websites on tax I have come to a decision. I probably should have mentioned in my original post I have had a LOC loan against my PPOR from 2010 when it was still an IP. I had intended to use the LOC to buy shares or cattle but never went through with...
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    Gold Coast

    If you are going to buy on the GC, then look for auctions, because from what I am seeing on researching sale prices, is that auction sales are still delivering bargains in the sub 600k market. Of those going to auction in that market, most are distressed, or close to distressed and need a quick...
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    Turning PPOR into negative geared IP - is it possible and legal?

    Mate be careful, it doesn't work that way, I am in a similar position and can't do what you are doing. You can not blow out the mortgage on the current PPOR and then turn it into an IP and claim all the interest. You can only claim the interest on what you currently owe on the place. It sucks...
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    Gold Coast

    Agents are talking it up .... but there is nothing new about that. But I am on the net every day, and inspecting properties every week, and there is certainly a lot more interest around. Last year I was bearish, this year I am on the fence and leaning towards bullish on the Gold Coast market...
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    Agent wants me to sign a document to 'complete a contract'

    I gave that same information over the phone to a real estate agent yesterday and this afternoon have received a contract to sign to put my offer in writing. The agent basically completed the contract over the phone for me. I will need to write in some amendments to the "conditions" however, I...
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    Gold Coast + commonwealth games = ???

    They say you fall into one of two camps on the Gold Coast - the southern or the northern. I live in the northern, and want to buy in the southern, and would like to hold both properties. Whilst all that infrastructure goes on in the northern corridors, the quiet(ish) little beachside...
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    Buying out the wife on PPOR to become IP

    Thankyou all. It would mean a lot to us to be able to keep the current PPOR as an IP but given we have paid off half of it the tax concessions will be miserable and we would end up with a lot of non deductible debt. Its a real catch isnt it - you pay more into your mortgage thinking it gets...
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    Buying out the wife on PPOR to become IP

    Until about 24 hours ago I had never even considered "structuring" anything. I am so glad I put this up to the forum because it sounded great in theory but just sounded too good to be true .... and it was. So do I need a broker, lawyer or an accountant to give me advice with this, help me...
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    Buying out the wife on PPOR to become IP

    Thankyou for the advice. To be honest I had heard the term before but never knew what it really meant. I do not know if the bank are intending to structure the loan this way, but we intend to meet with the bank this week to discuss. I might insist they set up each as a stand alone or walk to...
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    Buying out the wife on PPOR to become IP

    I had been conditioned to believe if I wanted to upgrade I would need to sell our PPOR first however a suggestion was made to restructure our finance on our current PPOR by buying out my wife (not a divorce) and converting the current PPOR to an IP and then buying a new PPOR. It sounds good...
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    Painting second second storey

    A scissor lift will get you out of trouble for under $500 for the week.