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    End of an Era

    Wow, that is so sad to hear. I love somersoft and only discovered it 3-4 years. Mainly been reading through, I have learnt so much through these threads so thank you so much. It shows that you guys have really made an impact on our lives!
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    58 people in a 3 bed house

    oh dear god :eek:
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    Land rezoned to B4 Mixed Use. Interested buyers. How to sell?

    You will get the fair price at Auction!
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    Sydney Market at top - calling a severe correction in 2018-2019

    The 53 level OTP coming up in Church St Parramatta is ridiculous. I enquired about the prices just to see what they are selling for, this is the reply I got for a 3 bedder: These units are priced from approximately (subject to confirmation/availability) $1,297,000. If you are interested in...
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    Selling in Inner West Sydney

    Auction! I am pro Auction. 1) its creates a deadline for buyers 2) buyers compete with each other, they are emotional and if they see value and are faced with competition they will be able to fork out bit extra than in a private treaty scenario Auction works if the process is done right...
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    When to purchase landlord insurance?

    yeah, you can get it upon settlement. what if something happens during open Inspections before it is leased? I am thinking worst case scenario. I myself got it after tenants :D
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    Dealing with slimy agent

    What! That's crazy. I have to say, no matter how shitty agents can be it is also important for buyers to be nice too. Sounds like he thought you made a low ball offer? He sounds like a character but call him again and say you are serious and what would the owner accept. If he still doesn't help...
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    Selling Calculations

    What does the advertising cost include? :)
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    Three month furnished apartment PM fees

    Thank god! 220% letting fee is ridiculous
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    Auction And confused

    Agent is either being lazy, thinks you have no chance buying the property or just simply forget. Give them a call or shoot through an email as a reminder
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    Dealing with slimy agent

    lol, your crazy! And I agree that maybe he is worse to deal with if you are the Vendor. Atleast you are aware of what he is like, this would help you better prepare for him
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    First Home Buyers - Need Help

    Just in regards to colour choosing etc- don't choose anything crazy, stay neutral so in the future if you ever wanted to sell or rent out it would be much safer and easier
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    Seriously will Syd ever stop going up?

    Lol!! I have nothing against Mt Druitt but cmon!! $1m!!
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    Seriously will Syd ever stop going up?

    If you have a million dollars to spend, why would you for a house in Mt Druitt...
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    If a vendor says to the agent "don't bring me offers under $x", is this legal...

    At the end of the day, if a vendor has strictly said to not bother bringing offers forward under a certain amount, then that is their instructions. I don't see that happening too often though. I think that it is the agents duty to also let the owner know of EVERY offer that comes, no matter how...
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    Process for selling myself?

    That is a beautiful place. Goodluck and keep us posted :)
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    Selling privately: Using an auctioneer?

    Hey! Not sure if you have sold already or not. We use Under The Hammer. They don't charge if you sell prior to Auction.
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    Bidding for a family member in auction

    Yup, that's it. The purchaser will also need to send through a copy of their driver's licence for identification purposes
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    Bad photos = Bargain for buyers

    100% about the agent not giving a crap. But also the market has had a MASSIVE jump since January. Each to their own, but in my opinion ( and yes I can be wrong) The market in Parra had a big shift like most areas in Sydney. There was a big jump in Jan, April and now its just getting higher and...
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    Bad photos = Bargain for buyers

    Hey Genia, I am comparing to what has been selling in the current market in the area, which was more than a 100k difference