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  1. D.T.

    All-time funniest Somersoft threads

    Pretty much any created by Fullylucky
  2. D.T.

    Peoples thoughts on Adelaide?

    Yes straight away, that's entirely the point
  3. D.T.

    Adelaide suburbs of interest and infrastructure

    This x 100
  4. D.T.

    Perth meetup - Saturday, June 20th

    Thanks for the meet up guys. Always good to catch up with previous people and learn of their progress and/or meet new people. Cyas over at Propertychat :)
  5. D.T.

    End of an Era

    Thanks for the mention :) Wonder what Geoff would think of you waking billionaires up?
  6. D.T.

    End of an Era

    You visit the website At the top theres a login/sign up button
  7. D.T.

    Why are you still here?

    Its the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine
  8. D.T.

    Adelaide suburbs of interest and infrastructure

    If you need it to be positive, and you want to set & forget for 15 years... My advice would be to take that 500k and buy 2x 250k places with it. Areas such as Paralowie (high owner occupier count) and Salisbury (good infrastructure) will be great for years to come, are positive cashflow, etc.
  9. D.T.

    End of an Era

    Thank you very much, Ian, Jan and Sim Over a decade here for me, here's to a decade at the next :cool:
  10. D.T.

    Elizabeth Downs -Hot lead for low cost Mortgagee Sale

    $200 is definitely under, but the amount you could get depends on the condition. How long a settlement do you have? Are you planning on doing it up or keeping it as is? $240 could probably be ok in my experience.
  11. D.T.

    Please recommend Perth accountant

    I use and recommend Terry from LG Accounting Solutions in Osborne Park. He's an investor / developer himself so is fairly easy to relate to. I email / call him fairly often with all my random questions and he's always happy to help.
  12. D.T.

    Just bought something in what?

    Ask them to show ability to complete. They'd expect the same of you.
  13. D.T.

    Tenant debt soars to $41m

    In the Greens negative gearing proposal, they suggested abolishing that will add a very similar figure. Therefore, why won't the Greens suggest measures to get state tenants paying, instead, if it indeed has a similar outcome?
  14. D.T.

    Elizabeth Downs -Hot lead for low cost Mortgagee Sale

    Don't get cold feet, that's a decent buy. 7.5% yield (depending on purchase price) and subdividable is nothing to sneeze at. How much may I ask? I've been following that. I'd buy it myself if price was ok.
  15. D.T.

    Just bought something in what?

    Eek. That could be really fun :)
  16. D.T.

    Just bought something in what?

    Good on you. Unusual for BPI to be unavailable they inspected all of mine and everyone I know's. So you have purchase contract back from REA that is signed by vendor? If so forward it to finance broker and conveyancer and the fun begins. Form 1 should specify certain pages to sign...
  17. D.T.

    Elizabeth Downs -Hot lead for low cost Mortgagee Sale

    Doesn't really matter, since property is in Adelaide.
  18. D.T.

    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott the environment

    Yes, Ice is being distributed, sold by the bag load at corner stores and petrol stations. With enough exposure, this too will turn into dihydrogen monoxide. Not sure how something isn't being done about this crisis.
  19. D.T.

    Lowball offers, questions.

    Love lowball offers too. My favorite was getting a $185K 4bed house for $147K It's about recognising value in your chosen area, being patient with letting vendors get desperate and sticking to your guns on what your chosen amount is.