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    Perth Property Market updates

    What is the advert like? What's the agent like and what are they saying. Post a link if you like and you may get some feedback.
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    Solicitor recommendation

    Can someone pls recommend a solicitor for a building dispute in Sydney.
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    Interest rates are down more than i remembered

    Was just curious and had a look at an old bank statement on-line and was a bit surprised how high rates were before the GFC hit. Its not going back there any time soon but shows how far it has fallen in 6 years Statement begins: 1 Jan 2008 Statement ends: 30 June 2009 Required Payments...
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    Construction Certificate - Council or Private Certifier?

    Private Certifier every time. Ease of service... ;-)
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    Changes / tightening on servicing for investors

    It's interesting how these changes are made a little after the horse has bolted and the compounding impact of various changes. Looks like the Banks are tightening lending criteria, and Government is tightening foreign investment rules, SMSF lending is becoming harder,and supply is increasing and...
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    No more owner builder duplexes allowed in NSW

    Agree; there are quality issues wit some owner builder construction. Unfortunately it is not hard to pass private certification.
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    Inspections - A new approach

    Thanks for the feedback guys. As a group of friends who are also long term property investor and work in IT and Banking we have setup this service as we think it makes a lot of sense. This service has been created for the benefit of home buyers and property inspectors. Especially as...
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    Just got Netflix and fetch tv. Thinking of saying goodbye to foxtel after 16 years. I am a sports nut though and have to figure out how I will get my sports fix.
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    A question about Mould

    I have been in the same situation. No mould when we were living in a unit but issues with tenants. They were not opening the windows and doors as much as we did. We were advised it was the landlords issue and we bought these things from Bunnings (a container with something in them)which...
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    Help! 3x leaky showers, possibly 4. $17.6k bill, insurance USELESS...

    Sorry to hear of your difficult circumstances. To get to the best possible outcome maybe separate your issues. The investments haven't performed well which is never great but that is a longer term issue. Right now it seems like you need to figure out what to do with shower leaks. Unfortunately...
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    Industry Super Funds? Any good compared to typical Super Funds?

    Definitely true - majority of assets held in Retails funds are are on much higher fees than Industry funds. Retail funds are now offering more cost competitive options but portion of Funds is low. Fees charged on Super are a total rip off.
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    Industry Super Funds? Any good compared to typical Super Funds?

    Your Super Fund returns can be impacted by a number of factors including the assets class, fund manager and fees. Most funds provide a wide range of funds to choose from. Spend some time researching what suits you best. Usually if you have long time before accessing Super people choose higher...
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    Renovate or rebuild?

    To make a tidy profit the buyer will need to do more than just putting a dozen through and building a new dwelling. Is there some development potential - if you can get an approval for duplexes etc than you would maximise value. Suggest you chat to a town planner.
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    New or established?

    The challenge with brand new is that you are paying a slight premium for the fact it is brand new. The other issue is that brand new tends to be closer to where there can be additional supply.
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    See Change and Richard Feynman . let's hype the sydney market thread .

    Sydney is absolutely hot atm. There will be a lot of infrastructure spending from the government coming in the next few years together with the compounding impact of the construction boom. For me the market has priced in a lot of the good news and since no one knows what the potential bad news...
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    How to make sure the demolition contractor does not bury asbestos in my yard

    Yes, it does happen. The best way to mitigate your risks are to try and pick a demolisher with some reputation and to visit the site often. esp when the asbestos is being removed as someone suggested. Also ask for receipt from the tip but this is easy for them to produce from another job...
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    Vinyl flooring Sydney?

    So have the products. Vinyl planks are a fashionable product these days a bit different to the old vinyl. Superior to laminate as more tolerant to water but more expensive
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    development fesability frankston check?

    Build costs look low. Margin scheme may save you $60k. Why would you do it for a loss
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    How Reliable Are Councils?

    As others have said don't trust any verbal advice from councils. You can get a town planner to look or have a look at the DCP on the council website.
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    Front loaded building contract

    Sorry not familiar with QLD contracts but be very weary of front loaded contracts. Its one of the biggest risks when signing a building contract. I am sceptical of builder who do this. When builders have cashflow issues (happens often) they will delay projects where they have collected the...