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  1. Perp

    All-time funniest Somersoft threads

    Which threads on Somersoft have made you howl with laughter?
  2. Perp

    Statute law and common law

    I see a lot of confusion arising on this forum because of people appearing not to understand the issue of statute law and common law. If you know the distinction and I'm telling you to suck eggs, apologies, and farewell, but my reading of the forum suggests many forumites could use this lesson...
  3. Perp

    Magazine rack in powder room

    Thoughtful to your visitors, or tacky? I have no idea what the etiquette is. Give me your views! (Definitely having one in the ensuite, this is specifically asking about the toilet that will primarily be used by visitors.) If you went to the bathroom in a friend's house and it had a magazine...
  4. Perp

    Queensland property management - free RTA webinar on QCAT

    I thought some of my fellow SSers with properties in Queensland might be interested in this free webinar:
  5. Perp

    Under-floor heating

    How much would you budget for under-floor electric heating for two average-sized bathrooms - say 8 m2 each - if the heating is being laid in tile adhesive (rather than in the screed)? We've asked for it in our PPOR but the variation has come in quite a bit higher than we'd anticipated, so I'm...
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    Plumbing fittings quality

    I'm picking out fittings for our new PPOR, and have found that there are some huge savings to be made on plumbing fittings, in particular. For example, this floor-mounted spout with mixer-tap and hand shower is $2,099 from Reece (which I wouldn't dream of paying): Yet I can buy this...
  7. Perp

    Timber decay experts

    A pre-purchase inspection in NSW has revealed some rotting timber, but not sure if wet rot, dry rot, timber fungus, etc., or the extent of it. The contract is conditional so attempting to negotiate limited invasive inspection for an expert to determine the scope of the problem. Question...
  8. Perp

    Custom-designed home process query

    After finally winning our dispute with our insurer - only took a bit over 2 years to get a settlement from the Jan 2011 floods :rolleyes: - we're about to embark on a demolish and re-build process. We've selected a builder that we're happy with, and they've presented us with what they call a...
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    Pinterest - great site for collecting your prospective properties and reno ideas

    I just adore a website I discovered a few months ago called pinterest. It's a way of collecting together your links, with a large image displayed instead of a bookmark - think "electronic pinboard"... or delicious, but much more aesthetically pleasing. I use it for lots of things, but it...
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    Foreign currency mortgages on Australian property

    I remember boomtown (no longer around) and some others talked a couple of years ago about having their mortgages with foreign banks, in foreign currencies, for Australian property. For example, I think he borrowed Singapore dollars to buy Aussie property, and as well as benefiting from...
  11. Perp

    A little something to lighten the mood; Ricky Gervais on ITAS

    I have watched this several times, and I still nearly lay an egg every time I watch it. :D My edit of an interview James Lipton (Inside The Actors' Studio) did with Ricky Gervais, where Ricky talks about his "average-sized penis"... The reaction of the women in the front row (near the end)...
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    Solicitor to take on lender

    My previous lender charged me a fee which I consider outrageous. I'm sure it's allowable in the terms of the contract I signed, but I wish to challenge it on the same basis as many other fees (eg bounced cheques) are being challenged, specifically, it is a common law principle that a fee is only...
  13. Perp

    1Form - online applications

    Thanks to our recent flood, I'm on the other side of the fence and looking for a place to rent. I was delighted to discover 1Form, a system set up by whereby you can complete your application once, then pay to store it online, and when you see a property you like, you just...
  14. Perp

    Brisbane January 2011

    OK, it's been ages since we've organised to get together in Brisbane. What better way to take our minds off the floods and traffic and mud and misery, than to get together with some fellow Somersofters and enjoy a few refreshing ales, and swap flood stories? (And then talk about something...
  15. Perp

    Victorian price guides

    I just saw this article where the Victorian Consumer Affairs Minister proposes that his government, if re-elected, will force real estate agents to advertise price ranges, eg $500-550K, rather than "price plus", eg $500K+. This is apparently designed to prevent agents deliberately...
  16. Perp

    Entitlement mentality and relatives as tenants: Ask Bossy weighs in

    This "Ask Bossy" advice column reminded me of all the reasons why renting to a relative is a bad idea. The sense of entitlement of the author is breathtaking!
  17. Perp

    Pop-up wastes blocking

    I have installed pop-up wastes in several sinks the past few years, both in my IP and in my PPOR. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I mean the newer-style drainage holes in porcelain sinks: My perception is that the drains below these wastes are significantly more prone to...
  18. Perp

    Mum of two sleeping in car

    Story on this morning about a single Mum of two and her kids sleeping in a car in SE Melbourne. (Cold!) I suspect the key to understanding this story is in the last line of the article: 'The Dandenong family's dire situation came about after the Victorian Civil and Administrative...
  19. Perp

    How lenders baseline living expenses

    I have a suspicion that my estimates of our living expenses are a bit too generous and I'm damaging our serviceability by over-estimating them. I understand that lenders have reference figures, eg a family of two adults and two kids should spend $x per month on food, etc, and I've been told...
  20. Perp

    OH&S - some sensibility may be returning!

    Nobody else has yet raised it, so I thought I'd mention that there has been a recent case Kirk v WorkCover NSW (and Ors) 2010 which is rather heartening with regards to being an employer/landlord. It only applies specifically to WorkCover in NSW in terms of the specifics, but as it's gone to the...