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  1. Simon

    Hardwood fence-weathering

    Put in a new hardwood fence. Mixed colours but I fully expect it will weather to grey in no time. Neighbour is feeble minded. She had a shout at me because she has never heard of such a thing and why didn't I put in a nice grey fence. Given hers is North facing I suggested it would be...
  2. Simon

    Checking sold price

    Hey team, House two doors up from me was for sale. Sign just got replaced by a for rent sign. Not sure if it sold or owner changed his mind. Can anyone look this stuff up for me?
  3. Simon

    Overseas qualified lawyers

    Has anyone here come into Australia with a foreign law degree and gone through the process of gaining accreditation and employment in Australia? Just looking for someone we can chat to for advice and tips as to the process. Thanks
  4. Simon

    Power line damaged by tree

    Just had a call to say a power line has been damaged by a tree at a property I own. No idea of the extent of damage. Ausgrid are attending they tell me. But no further info. Has anyone any experience with these folks? Will they just fix it and move on or will they bill me? Cheers
  5. Simon

    Prefab homes

    Has anyone any experience with prefab style homes? I'm talking about the more upmarket ones. Is the industry mature enough in Australia for it to be cost effective compared to a project home? Cheers
  6. Simon

    Random Act of Kindness

    So I went to a function last night. Great movie, guest speaker, vegetarian feed and a meditation. They meet every two months and each time they tape an envelope with $50 under a seat. The lucky person has to then use it on a Random Act of Kindness then report back to the following meeting...
  7. Simon

    Fridge is too cold

    So I have a 12 year old fridge. Just lately the food is freezing at the bottom of it. I've turned it down as low as possible but still getting drinks freezing etc. I don't know much about fridges but I'm thinking dodgy thermostat. Any other ideas?
  8. Simon

    Don't always go to the big box store :-)

    So I posted earlier on the problems I was having getting technical advice from JB HIFI. In frustration I walked around the block the the Audiophile stereo shop. I wouldn't normally even enter there but I figured they could answer my question. So he did. Plus he lent me some gear to take...
  9. Simon

    Sonos Playbar with older TV.

    So in my new home I am going to use Sonos gear. But I was thinking of getting the Playbar now to use with my TV then add to it when the new house is done. But it just has an optical cable input. I'm seeing lots of compatibility issues with older TVs like mine. Mine was built 2007 and...
  10. Simon

    Fundraising ideas ?

    So many of you know I am volunteering at Marine Rescue. We operate a Radio room and a powerful rescue boat all staffed by volunteers. We are partly funded by the State Goverment. How much, I am not sure. But I am told we need to run raffles, sell sausages outside BCF and man the parking...
  11. Simon

    Owner Builder Experiences?

    So I'm decided to finally do the knock down rebuild of my PPOR to see me comfortable in my advancing years. Been speaking to builders and finding them to be either arrogant young guys quoting super high or well known older guys who don't return calls or use emails and don't like new ideas...
  12. Simon


    So I'm sitting here in the Radio Room at Marine Rescue looking out over the ocean. Was here before dawn and watched the sun come up now keeping an eye on the pretty girls running along the track in front of my window. In an old heritage listed house on the cliff edge here at King Edward Park in...
  13. Simon

    Shared Driveway

    So I live in a house built in 1925 with a mirror image house next door. The old fella next door and I share a driveway between our homes down to the backyard. I don't use mine but he has an old garage down the back though has been years since he had a car. It is recorded on my hand written...
  14. Simon

    Cranky old *****

    So Rosie the Wonder Dog is coming up to ten years old now. Recently she has been getting cranky towards my daughters (18 and 20) whom she grew up with. But just at night. During the day she is normal, friendly, active dog. I don't think she is in pain, she walks well, swims for hours and it...
  15. Simon

    Sell by owner

    I'm looking to privately sell some places. One being my student house in North Lambton. Plan is to upgrade my family home and cut down on my workload. I don't really expect to sell it through Somersoft. But I'd welcome at ideas or info from you folks. I tested the water on Gumtree with...
  16. Simon

    Samsung phone advice

    So my girlfriend was sent a Samsung Galaxy S III Mini phone by her mother. Phone is from Ireland and was on a contract there with Vodaphone. Was locked and unusable here. We asked her mum to go into Vodaphone and get it unlocked. She did and advised us to just switch it off and put in the...
  17. Simon

    Need my car moved from Brisbane to Newcastle

    So I'm heading to Brisbane tomorrow to see friends and sail my boat back down to Newcastle. I had some backpackers keen to come with us and then drive my car back down. But the ingrates went and got jobs and can't come. I've sent off for car transport quotes or I can fly back up myself to...
  18. Simon

    Solar Panels and the ozone hole

    Just a quick post about something I noticed. So my yacht is now in Brisbane after being in North and Central America. My solar panels are pumping out twice the current they were over there. Further from the equator here so it has got to be our ozone layer hole. Any ideas?
  19. Simon

    Legal advice please

    Yet again another request for advice totally unrelated to investing. So I had a girlfriend living with me recently. She moved out a year ago after falling for some married dude she worked with on an overseas trip. I think she is still overseas. Her furniture and boxes of stuff are still...
  20. Simon

    SEQld Marinas

    Looking for a place to tie my yacht up for a few months in the Brisbane - Gold Coast area. Has anyone experience with marinas down that way? Ones to recommend or avoid? Any of you rich investors maybe have a private marina or a waterfront home with jetty space for me to rent :-) Or...