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  1. Pedro61

    Offset loan

    G'day all, Question for the bean counters onboard: I have a Mortgage on my PPOR. I then sell an IP and find that the proceeds from that sale after all debts paid are enough to fully offset my mortgage. The actual amounts are $280k Mortgage and $293k Offset account. The offset is in...
  2. Pedro61

    Accounting / Tax question

    Question for all the number crunchers on the Forum: Say I start proceedings on a property deal and go some way down the path but eventually pull out of the deal. If I incur any costs without actually buying, are those costs tax deductible? The reason I ask is that I have an accountant...
  3. Pedro61

    Insurance for Self Managed IP

    Hi all, We're self-managing a Granny flat sitting in our backyard. But have across a small problem. No insurers seem to cover it unless it is managed by a PM. I've called about 6 of insurers without luck. Does anybody know of an insurer that will take us on under a Self-Managed...
  4. Pedro61

    My home must be sold - NICHOLLS ACT

    Hi all, As a long time forum member I think it will be Ok to post this on the forum. Yes - it is an advert, but no different to any "buyer beware" situation when you buy real estate. The thing is. its time to sell our much loved home in NICHOLLS ACT. :(:( This is the one where, back in...
  5. Pedro61

    Rent to Buy

    G’day “SomerSofters”, Geez it’s been a while since I posted (or even logged in to be honest) but I have a question for those of you more experienced users. We’ve been trying to sell a house in the ACT since Nov 2011 (We moved out in Dec). The bank payments have been killing me due to the...
  6. Pedro61

    Property damage - tenant pays or Insurance claim?

    Y'all, Its been a while since I've visited these shores, so How is everyone? Got word of a small fire in the kitchen of my IP (Canberra). Apparently the lady of the house left a pan full of oil on the cooktop while she took a shower or went to sleep or something equally "responsible"...
  7. Pedro61

    Body Corporate Questions

    Y'all, I have a question regarding Body corporates: Assuming I own a unit in a 6 unit development. There must be a body corporate structure in place so that owners can resolve issues of common interest. Now say I buy 2 more units and therefore have a 50% say in the workings of the BC...
  8. Pedro61

    From Vet Surgery to Granny Flat

    OK, Its taken me years to come back to the forum and months to upload my reno photos. Here we go: Bought our PPOR in Dec08. Much too big for our needs but the thing that convinced us was the huge ex-Veterinary surgery attached to the side. Easily convertible to a 2br Granny Flat. (Not so...
  9. Pedro61

    Cashflow 101 - Electronic Score card

    Buenos Dias Amigos Forumitos, Mucho long time no surf el forumo. :D Saw this Cashflow 101 scoring template today during a search for another Excel template: I hope its useful for someone, although I feel it may be more hassle than...
  10. Pedro61


    On a more serious note . . . I went and bought one of those cheapie $20 cds for Home 3D design the other day and it really isn't much chop. Does anyone know of a URL where you can download a good trial version of this sort of program before opening he wallet? I don't mind paying for...
  11. Pedro61

    Happy New Year

    Feliz Año Nuevo a todos mis amigos en el Forum I"M THE FIRST POSTER FOR 2004. Yay :D :D :D Pedro
  12. Pedro61

    Computing issue

    G’day Y’all Haven't logged in for a while. Lots of catching up to do. Small problem with W2K. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this? I moved house recently and when I connected up the ‘puter, my display had turned to B&W. The machine is used to being switched on and off, but...
  13. Pedro61

    Uploading photos

    Hey, How does one upload one's photos??? I've been in the gallery and there's no "button" saying Upload here, or New Images etc etc :confused: Pedro
  14. Pedro61

    Parkheath — Anyone ???

    G'day Muchachos/as, Just wondering if anyone has dealt with / heard of a group called Parkheath? I thought I might go and listen to their evening spiel this wednesday. Are they another NII (Kaye) or do they live at the other end of the ethical spectrum (a la Navra etc) ? Maybe...
  15. Pedro61

    Bloody *@#^?~% Windows

    Hey out there, just wondering if anyone can help? I know this is a Property forum, but I just dont know where else to ask. I have a software problem. I'm running Win98, PIII 733mhz, 10GB HDD (3.5 used so plenty of room), 127mb ram. Running perfectly until . . . I installed MSOffice XP...
  16. Pedro61

    ACT and TAX

    Taxing Issues Hi Team, We have bought a house (PPOR) earlier this year. We moved from our original PPOR and have been renting since February. Settlement of the new house is today. The seller (a builder) has asked us if we would rent the house back to him for a further 3 months. We...
  17. Pedro61

    Sending Emails

    G'day Sim, I recently wanted to communicate privately with a forumite. So I sent an email as opposed to a PM. Initially I thought that would trigger my default email account but found that instead it opened up a cut down version of the PM window within the somersoft site. Just that it...
  18. Pedro61

    Swimming Pools

    G'day team, Tried a search for this but not much came up. Can some informed forumite (or various) please give me an opinion of the value of a pool to an IP? All other things being equal:Does a pool generally bring a little extra rent ? Do tenants in general like to have a pool ? Do the...
  19. Pedro61

    Own Name

    Hey Sim, Is it the norm that one's own name doesn't appear in the "currently active users" Cell on the front page after logging in? Or on the "users browsing this forum" cell at the top of each forum window. Cheers Pedro
  20. Pedro61


    G'day team, Anyone doing the $3000 Spouse Contribution this year? I've been a believer in Super for quite a few years. Until that is a couple of years ago when the stockmarket went scubadiving and took my super along for the ride. Usually (over the last say 5-6 years anyway) I have...