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    At least you will have quiet neighbours. And some cemeteries are very nice, with well tended gardens.
  2. JumpinJack

    Self employed needs full tax returns?

    That's a shame. Lol, worstpac, haha. :D
  3. JumpinJack

    Choosing a mortgage broker (lender) checklist

    The document seems to need a password?
  4. JumpinJack

    Self employed needs full tax returns?

    Are there any other lenders that have somthing simlar to this? Or is it only Westpac that can do it?
  5. JumpinJack

    for sale "By negotiation"

    That agent sounds very annoying. Try another agent in the same agency perhaps?
  6. JumpinJack

    Borrowing capacity for low-ish income?

    What sort of financials? I don't think I have any... just a few years tax returns.
  7. JumpinJack

    my mortgage broker

    Okay. Thanks for the tip man.
  8. JumpinJack

    Life, Disability, Income Insurance etc

    My life insurance didn't come with level or stepped choices (Allianz) :confused:
  9. JumpinJack

    I've hit the big 3 0!!

    I can relate to this, unfortunately....
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    If you are still using XP, you are not alone.

    I use Ubuntu. It rocks.
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    Richmond Development #2

    wow you so rich. me jealous :D
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    my mortgage broker

    Was it a broker from this forum?
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    Borrowing capacity for low-ish income?

    Okay gotcha. My depreciation is negligible. So income is too low then to borrow more, amiright? Steal it? Seriously considering this.
  14. JumpinJack

    Borrowing capacity for low-ish income?

    Its my PPOR, don't think depreciation applies? What is P & L ? Profit and Loss? Panties and Leather? Give me a clue.
  15. JumpinJack

    New life - advice please

    Need pics to validate claim. :cool:
  16. JumpinJack

    Borrowing capacity for low-ish income?

    Just wondering if I am able to borrow anymore as my mortgage broker says I am already over-borrowed. Self emplyoed with last year's income 38k, and previous year 34k. Current loan on PPOR 205k. Can I realistically borrow anymore? eg. with a Line of Credit.
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    NAB LOC - desktop valuation?

    Just wondering, if I apply for a NAB LOC (FlexiPlus Mortgage Facility), will they do a full valuation or desktop valuation? Is it possible to specifically request a desktop valuation? And is it best to go through a broker or directly? Thank you for any help.
  18. JumpinJack

    DIY replacement of vinyl/lino flooring? Please help!!

    Why didn't you tile the area instead? It would look better :)
  19. JumpinJack

    Inexpensive kitchen fit-out in Sydney

    When I was previously looking for a kitchen, the Ikea ones were the best value. By far. Even if I included installation. :)
  20. JumpinJack

    Interesting idea -

    There's nothing stopping you from starting up another site. Its hardly a new concept. The yanks have been doing it for a while now :cool: