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    Painting Window Frames

    Recently moved into a new PPOR and would like to change the colour scheme. The window frames are coloured - powder coated? Has anyone has success with DIY painting or using professionals? Cost? Recently stayed in a unit on the Gold Coast, and paint was peeling off the frames everwhere...
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    Cammy Home Alarm on your Phone

    Anyone used this? Seems like a good idea at a great price, but some negativity on FB comments. Would be interested in hearing from others that may have it installed and whether it is working as proimised.
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    Brisbane Meetup

    Must be time for another Brisbane meeting. Threads seem to be showing some heat for Brisbane, so maybe come up and meet with some SS locals. Pretty sure Angel and RPI will be in.... I'm thinking lunch time say 1 PM at the Norman Hotel, Wooloongabba. Next Saturday 17th Jan...
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    Townhouse Project Design

    Hi, Just wanted some quick opinions on an upcoming project. Current design for multiple townhouses has only about 5.5 to 6m between the living spaces of 2 storey townhouses facing eachother, with access road down the middle. To me, this seems very tight but I have seen many existing...
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    To Crimsafe or not....

    Can anyone please provide some advice on a good alternative to Crimsafe? Have had a quote for Crimsafe in the past for just a couple of windows, and it was very expensive. Have heard there are other alternatives just as safe and secure, but at much reduced prices. Suggestions and...
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    Rec for Bathroom reno in Brisbane

    We will soon be moving into a new PPOR and the bathrooms need renovating first. Can anyone provide recommendations on good tradespeople for this in Brisbane? Would prefer using somone that is known as to performance and pricing. Thanks in advance.
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    Stormwater and sewer costs

    Doing a small subdivision, and would like to draw on the experience of others. Its a long block, and will have to access neighbours' properties in long runs for stormwater and sewer. Any rough estimates of cost per m to put in this infrastructure? Need to update the feasibility, as the...
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    Cost for double LU garage in Brisbane

    Anyone recently built the above in Brissy? Looking for a gable 6 x 6m brick and hardiplank freestanding. I am guessing around $1000 a sqm + approvals. Cheers
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    Commercial Property Lease fees and Commission

    Apologies in advance if this is already posted somewhere else. Looking at a Form 21a for appointment of a PM for a Commercial property in QLD. Draft says 6% + GST for rental monies collected, which seems pretty standard. Under Commission, they have put in 15% of the first year's rent...
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    Gross Regional Product - Where to Find?

    Hi, Currently researching and comparing several areas for investment. Some readings advise to compare indicators of local economic activity, such as growth in Gross Regional Product. Council websites often quantify this absolutely - but not in terms of growth, so its difficult to...
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    Negotiation on Agent Sales fees

    Anyone have recent experience (in Qld) with negotiating sales commission fees down? Have recently been quoted 5% of the first $18k and 2.5% of the remainder. This seems to be the standard fare, but for a mid- $900k property, I feel its a bit high. Also have multiple PM arrangements with...
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    Brisbane Meeting

    Anyone interested in a catch-up in Brisbane in a couple of weeks time? Can't see where there has been one in Brisvegas for a very long time. Suggestions and comments welcome! :)