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    Is this the most effective strategy???

    Hi all, So, my partner and I are in the process of purchasing our 2nd investment property. We currently have no available equity, but, have managed to save enough for our deposit and costs which is currently sitting in our offset account again our OOP. To ensure tax deductability I am...
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    Durack QLD

    Hi, I'm not from Tassie and was wondering if anyone could give me a quick rundown of Durack in Brisbane. Any information about demographics, housing, infrastructure, investment property possibilities, basic feel of the suburb, would be appreciated. I've noticed there is some...
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    Fitzgibbon Chase - Bris

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the house and land opportunities in Fitzgibbon Chase. Prices vary from 350-500k, in the final stages of the development, 13kms from the CBD, very small land lots (90-115sqm is common), yield would seem to be 5%ish. Interested if people...
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    2nd investment property purchase

    Thanks guys. No available equity in either our OOP or IP so the cash that is sitting in our offset account is what will be used. Our broker is excellent and will help us structure this properly when the time comes. As far as buyers agents go, without going in to to many details we are...
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    2nd investment property purchase

    Hi all, My partner and I are now in a position to buy our 2nd investment property are are looking for opinions on area's in Brisbane. First, a little about our situation. We are currently 29/31 year old DINK's on reasonable salaries - there is a chance in the next year or two we will be...