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    Positive cashflow investment opportunity

    I have available another investment opportunity for you to consider. This particular project is purpose built student accommodation in Melbourne's CBD. Details are as follows: 35-41 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 2 bedroom student apartments @ $245,000 - $297,000. Other than the much maligned...
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    Ascot Vale investment opportunity (Melb)

    Today we secured another development - this one is in Ascot Vale. This project has awesome park and river views and come with big balconies to enjoy the views. Details are as follows: 27 Harold Street, Ascot Vale - almost completed therefore short term settlement - date TBC 5 apartments...
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    Balaclava investment opportunity

    Hi everyone, I have one apartment up for sale in a project in Balaclava, Melbourne. This particular project is a high quality refurbishment of an existing building. All apartments sold out however one of our clients finances didn't stack up and his two properties are now back on the market...
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    East St Kilda investment opportunity

    I have available another investment opportunity - this time in East St Kilda. Details are as follows: 70 Alexandra St, East St Kilda Completion approx April 2003 Entry level - 1 bedroom + study, 1 car park - 98.1 sqm (70.2 sqm internal) - $350k Top end - 2 bedroom, 2 car parks & 1...
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    Buyer's Agents - Silent listings

    Reply: From: Simon Tomek Asy, Thank you for your posts. Sorry my post confused you. Don't know why it should really. Your point about officer in effective control is taken - it should be noted on all letterheads. However, WPB is fully licensed and has all the requirements...
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    Buyer's Agents - Silent listings

    Reply: 2.1 From: Simon Tomek For those of you that are interested in purchasing value for money property in Melbourne, have a read of the attachment I have placed here and feel free to email or call me on 0422 303 280. We are not buyers agents or sellers agents. We just get hands on top...
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    Vantage Capital Limited

    Reply: From: Simon Tomek Joanna, The people I work with have had a meeting with Vantage Capital and are investigating their finance package further. They have asked copies of their contracts so that they could go through them with a fine comb to see how it all stacks up. Rest...
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    Vantage Capital Limited

    Reply: 1.1.1 From: Simon Tomek Hi Joanna, I am now doing my research with this group and have the following to share: I specifically enquired about their deposit bonds. They claim to issue them at very competitive rates and clients need only 3 times the equity they are applying for -...
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    Data needed

    From: Simon Tomek Hey everyone, As a newie, I appreciate all the "stuff" I read in this forum. Everyone talks about doing all your homework when deciding where to buy a IP. Ok so now I need some help. Where do I get a hold of median prices per suburb in the Melbourne area? Sime