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    PM in Logan Area

    6.6% seems pretty good to me. I've had a few friends say they are paying up to 8% on the Gold Coast.
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    Can I extend this?

    The picture didn't load very well but I think you are talking about extending a carport. You would get away with small alterations and semi-permanent extensions/enclosures (like shade cloth), but if you want to extend the permanent structure or enclose the carport you'll need approval. You...
  3. Gold Coast Reno

    Gold Coast Reno

    New kitchen, flooring and lighting in a 2 bedroom apartment
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    DIY Laminate flooring

    I use a drop saw to cut mine. They're quick, accurate and clean. Also I want to reiterate bob shovel's comment. Make sure you leave a 10mm gap all the way around the edge. I got lazy on my first floor and did the old 'close enough is good enough'. A few months later and the floor boards looked...
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    Nundah, QLD

    Slightly off topic, but I see you're from Sydney so I'm going to throw in some unsolicited advice. Be cautious when buying interstate. Watching out for dodge developers is cliche, what I'm talking about is some of the difficulties that arise from being far away. I own a few properties...