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    Financial Planners ??

    Financial Planners do they really exist.? Call a spade a spade.Please Humans who buy and sell cars are called car salesman NOT Transportation Planners or Advisers.!! Financial planners should be called Managed Fund Salesman.!! Not meant to sound derogatory or condescending simply an...
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    Borrowing Capacity ??

    Can anybody please advise what is my approx borrowing capacity.? and how they work it out.? Two lenders said no more. A financial planner said your too overweighted in property.!! As a great author once said all my eggs are in one basket which I watch very closely.!! This is my exact...
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    quality NOT quantity

    Why does one get asked at every property seminar,meeting "how many properties do you have.?" Those same well meaning non thinking folks would never ask a complete stranger how much money they make.!! Surely the real question for those who have to ask, is what is the portfolio valued at...
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    STOP HL Payments

    At what point does one say enough no more homeloan payments. It makes more sense to pump excess funds into more IP than simply reducing HL debt albeit non deductibe. HL O/S 75K reapayments just $485, excess income some 12K per month. I like to save 10 % and then go get another one. BEST
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    How Many IPs can I afford ?

    How Many Home Value 650K Loan remaing 75K@6.2%@26Y= $485per month Credit card Limit 2K Nil owing. No other debts at all. Salary 320K per annum No bonuses or overtime.!! 1) How many IP's could I comfortably buy right now assuming I/O loans 90 % variable @ 5.65%, IP cost 350K...
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    Recommended Quantity Surveyors??

    BMT & ASSOC BMT & Assoc Melb PH 9654 2233 Very good. Always do your own thinking. I was in Canberra two ago visiting a family members unit. The property Manager for a very large Canberra firm inspected the unit. When I asked could she refer a good local QS firm she replied "Based on my...