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  1. Michael_X

    Toukley Property Manager

    Does anyone have good recommendations for property managers in Toukley? Haven't been happen with the current one my parents use, and looking to move on. Any recommendations would be awesome! Thanks, Michael
  2. Michael_X

    What paid resources do you use?

    I use Investar. Don't use the property search engine much these days but did when I first started. It's good to get to know an area but once you know the area don't really need it. Now I use mostly the valuation tool. All the information you can get from free websites but it just summarises...
  3. Michael_X

    Western Sydney Meetup - Wednesday 22/7/15

    In, looking forward to it! Thanks for organising Skater :)
  4. Michael_X

    My Story 10+ Properties by 30 yo

    Hi ej89, Capital wise approximately 12% of purchase costs, most of the loans were at this LVR apart from the renovations at 20% When I first started, I was on $70,000 and finished at $85,000. In saying that, I am still paying HECs so the actual lend is somewhat less than this...
  5. Michael_X

    My Story 10+ Properties by 30 yo

    Hi Tyrone! Good to see you found Somersoft :) I can share the cashflow on my first Brisbane purchase. This was a generic high set with shower and utility room downstairs. Suburb - Slacks Creek Purchase Price - $280,000 (May 2014) Income Rent - $19,240 ($370 per week) Expenses Council &...
  6. Michael_X

    Richard Feyman on 7:30 report

    Go Steven! Great segment :) Next stop Hollywood?
  7. Michael_X

    July edition of The Somersoft mag - oops I mean API

    Congrats Sana and Mona :) Luckily I got a signed copy over lunch yesterday hehehe
  8. Michael_X

    My Story 10+ Properties by 30 yo

    Thanks MFlying. Almost there - can see the light shining brightly at the end of the tunnel, will update once I reach that goal. Hoping one day can replicate your success in property developing :) Cheers, Michael
  9. Michael_X

    Western Sydney Meetup - Wednesday 20/5/15

    Thanks for organising Skater :) The biggest turn out I have been to! Great meeting everyone tonight!
  10. Michael_X

    1st IP - Sydney - Parra? Macquarie Park?

    It is actually madness. My window looks directly onto where Stamford use to be. Let's just say the air & noise pollution haven't been fun. Spending more time at my parents place these days......
  11. Michael_X

    1st IP - Sydney - Parra? Macquarie Park?

    Hi Zubs, I live on Herring Rd, the older units next to the Stamford. You can still get older 2 bedroom stock for around $650k in Macquarie Park. My only concern is the yield. You generally get around $470 rent which isn't great, a gross yield of 3.8%. Before you jump in on the newer units...
  12. Michael_X

    My latest purchase, Waterford West QLD

    Congrats on the purchase JT87! Look forward to hearing the juicy yield once the renovation is completed :)
  13. Michael_X

    My new purchase - Runcorn, Brisbane

    This is an excellent buy. Good location and good price. You will do very well from this in years to come :) Well done!
  14. Michael_X

    First IP :-)

    Congrats Wombat777! Make the decision to do something, 11 weeks later - done! Excellent :)
  15. Michael_X

    Brisbane - Waterford, Waterford West, Beenleigh Agents

    Second Rowena. Bought from her twice, it wasn't fun negotiating with her.
  16. Michael_X

    Property Investing Mentors to help get a strong start

    As others have mentioned already, keep your wallet in your pants :) Everything can be learnt for free here. Good luck!
  17. Michael_X

    beenleigh vs slacks creek?

    Need more information to say which is better. Both suburbs can work, depends on which part of the suburb you are buying in. I posted this recently in another thread on Slacks Creek which may help. Slacks Creek can be broken down in several sections: i) Between Queens Rd and Paradise Rd. This...
  18. Michael_X

    My Story 10+ Properties by 30 yo

    Hi Andrew, I agree, a strong network is key to success. On your questions 1. Revaluations - the valuations are through the banks. Different banks use different valuation companies, so it allows you to shop around. From experience this is more effective than trying to dispute valuations. Your...
  19. Michael_X

    My Story 10+ Properties by 30 yo

    Nice work on getting to IP3 at such a young age :) Always good to see like minded investors! On the questions 1. Each suburb has good or bad pockets. For example, Slacks Creek can be broken down in several sections: i) Between Queens Rd and Paradise Rd. This was originally Kingston but later...
  20. Michael_X

    Young investors

    When I speak to more experienced investors who have been in the game for a few cycles. There are usually two things they say: 1. I wish I started earlier or bought more at the start 2. I wish I didn't sell some of those properties Agree it's not the best going in at the peak, but are you only...