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    compensation? faulty oven

    I don't think the first paragraph is reasonable at all - and I rent! It also makes no sense as any possible saving of getting 3 quotes is worth the inconvenience to the Tenant (and compensation) and even the landlord.
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    compensation? faulty oven

    The point was (and I may have erroneously assumed $200 per week) - that the compensation adds up very quickly.
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    compensation? faulty oven

    Well, then you should just buy a new oven?
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    Repair to aircon unit?

    Personally I would replace it at this point - good money after bad. You could probably justify this to yourself by balancing the following: + Writeoff value of current unit (not much probably) + Avoid repair cost + Depreciation - Capital cost of new unit
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    Novated Lease or Buy Outright?

    Terry hit the spot but .... If you don't buy a cheap car - My modelling and experience suggests that a 1 year novated lease then alternative finance is close to the optimum. Key factors to play with are interest rate and hidden finance fees. When I worked for a bank - rates were close to...
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    Can Fixed Rates go any lower ?

    Depends on the swap rates at the time - what you believe is not that relevant! If you are handy at excel, you can model all sorts of scenarios to see how they turn out and how it sits with your situation.
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    DHA management fees

    I agree with MyPropertyPro - and I do think they can be priced at a premium considering there is a restricted market. One positive point to note is that they do guarantee that rent won't go down - this would have been attractive in the Canberra market of late. But this is only short term...
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    Can Fixed Rates go any lower ?

    I'm leaning to similar thinking. Of course, many don't think you should fix but I'm yet to see an argument against it if rates increase - thus no break fee.
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    Finance Strategy Help for next 2 purchases

    Not my experience. You can't take out new loans with the staff benefits but normally they would be grandfathered when you leave. It wouldn't make sense for CBA to just drop that business. The only real "benefit" is the package waiver and LMI waiver (and it is only to 90% - at the time of...
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    Finance Strategy Help for next 2 purchases

    1 Mill doesn't buy much in Sydney so you'd hope so ;p
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    Best 5 year rates - better that 4.37 from uBank

    Thanks Corey - Many considerations with a decision like this. Doesn't make it incorrect though ;)
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    Best 5 year rates - better that 4.37 from uBank

    Currently looking to fix - and yes - I realise there are some contentious views on this. Best headline rate I can find is 4.37 from uBank w/annual fee. Does anyone know of any better deals out there?
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    Allowing existing tenant to sublease.

    I'll add that when they all on the lease - they have a direct financial interest in the bond you hold. It is formal and all tenants are clear on their responsibilities (as outlined in the lease).
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    Allowing existing tenant to sublease.

    I would want them added to the lease. Then you always know who is in the house and they all have skin in the game.
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    Agent In-House Auctions

    I just attended my first - and bought my PPOR. It was very well attended (only property being auctioned) with 5+ active bidders / 25 People there. I think it worked very well for the seller and was a very comfortable way to do it. They had a projector with photos scrolling and showed the bid...
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    Water Dammage

    I'd work out what the problem is and some possible solutions - then start a body corporate discussion on getting it fixed (and funded).
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    Injured tenant, not leaving

    Do you mean that you terminated their lease? I'm not sure what you mean by "would not be renewed" given leases (ok, in NSW) go periodic after the fixed period.
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    Refinance and fix for 5 yrs or go for variable?

    There is some risk if you break - though I understand a break fee generally only applies if rates have dropped. You can calculate your potential break fee and compare it to the potential benefits if rates were to rise...
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    Do you ask for payslip/ bank statements from new tenant?

    This depends on your market. Certainly important where you are concerned about tenant cash flow. At the medium to mid-upper end it is just not done.
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    How much to allow for repairs and maintenance?

    I normally tend to think around 1% of current value for all outgoings (excluding agent fees) but this might differ at different price points (seems about right for 600k properties). This is normal maintenance not renovating or major repair. Most building reports on 50 year old original...