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    Australian Property Chart of Shame - Epic Failure of The Australian Property Bears

    Probably my last thread on Somersoft, with the imminent closure of the forum, so I thought I'd finish off with a little chart that illustrates just how badly the property bears have failed over the past decade or so. Clearly the investors here on Somersoft were miles ahead of the housing bears...
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    Perth houses are currently as affordable as they were in 2003 and 1996

    Perth house prices rose very strongly from 2002 to 2006. Over this period, nominal prices increased by 150%. However, since 2006, nominal prices have only increased by 17%, which is a decline in real terms...
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    Will the Sydney median house price reach $1 million by the end of 2015?

    The Sydney median house price hit $840K in July as measured by the Residex index. That's an increase of $130K in just a year. Sydney house prices are now up nearly 30% since 2012 and up 53% since 2009. Only another 19% growth is needed to hit $1 million. With 18 months to go (from July)...
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    Australia's most trusted sources for property information and advice - Matusik Poll

    Interesting poll here from Michael Matusik...
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    Sydney House Price and Mortgage Repayment to Income Ratio

    Somersoft members may find these charts useful... Sydney House Prices (Residex Index) Sydney house price to income ratio (currently where it was back in 2002, over a decade ago.) Note that the chart above is for freestanding houses to single income. The all-dwellings to...
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    Aussie Housing Market Snapshot

    Useful chart here giving a quick 'snapshot' of the Aussie housing market...
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    What does it mean to have 'predicted the global financial crisis'?

    Good article here explaining how Steve Keen didn't predict the GFC. Full article is pretty long, I have just copied a few paragraphs here...
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    ATO to reject capitalisation of interest on investment property loans?
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    RPData Rismark and ASX introduce daily house price index

    Soon those who say Australian property will crash can put their money where their mouths are, and short the housing market...
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    NCCP Act 2009: Lenders not permitted to 'call in' loans unless borrower is in default

    This is a brief summary of a discussion I have been having on another forum, and I thought some members here might be interested or have additional insight on this topic (especially the brokers here, and other people from the banking industry). Some people (normally property bears) like to...
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    USA, Ireland, UK, Spain and Japan Property Bubbles versus Australia

    Hi all. This is a copy of my latest blog entry from the Australian Property Forum. I think it should interest most people here. I believe it demonstrates quite clearly that Australia does not have a property bubble. Cheers, Shadow.
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    Latest Residex Report - June 2011

    Lots of charts and tables as always - see links for details. There's an interesting table on real house price growth for the past 110 years. Real house price growth in recent years has been among the lowest in any five year period in history.
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    ABS Data Released - National prices rise 20%

    Sydney up 21% and Melbourne up 28% over the year. So much for the gloomer predictions of a massive crash...
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    Are credit conditions easing?

    Here are some recent indications of easing credit conditions... Macquarie returns to lo-doc loans AMP cuts rates on entry-level mortgages CUA slashes variable mortgage rates What do people think - are these just isolated examples, or a sign of further easing to come. If the NBLs start to...
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    Wealthy migrants pricing locals out of Sydney property market

    Some more research to back up what I've been saying for years. Australia's policy of high skilled immigration leads to higher house prices. When there is a shortage, the available properties flow to the wealthiest people. And... Steve Keen admits there is a shortage. Sorry bears, your idol...
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    Licence to occupy

    Licence to occupy (renting to vendor) On a property I am negotiating to purchase, the vendors have requested to rent the property for two months from settlement date. Does anyone have experience with such 'Licence to Occupy' conditions? Should I arrange Landlords insurance for the two...
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    Steve Keen finally admits he was wrong!

    Full article by Chris Joye: Key paragraphs reproduced below... Chris Joye is right. And Steve Keen is doing exactly what lots of bears are now doing. He is saying 'I would have been right, if it...
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    Latest Residex Report - Housing markets move solidly into positive territory

    Residex Report May 2009 - Housing markets move solidly into positive territory Latest Residex Report. Most areas performing very strongly, especially Sydney houses. :D This is just another indication that the housing market has turned around. The RPData and APM statistics are also showing...
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    Housing Finance Commitments Up Strongly

    Housing finance commitments continue to rise strongly. The March data was released today. I have charted the trend below. The recent uptick in housing finance commitments follows the sharp decline during 2008...
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    Business Spectator - Analysis of Australian Property Market - Part 3 Link to part 1: Link to part 2: