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  1. THEGREAT888

    Home Loan and LAND TAX with 1% ownership

    so just wonder what the member think of this. A friend wants to assist his daughter to purchase a property worth $500000.00. Land value approxiamately $200000.00 A friend current land value on his current equity, for the land tax purpose is just exactly $400000.00. To borrow money the Equity...
  2. THEGREAT888

    Canadian Welfare System

    Just curious.. I do not have any specific reason to be curious about canadian welfare system except to compare the canadian and australian welfare system whilst both country are in par as the prosperous country. Does anyone know what the government minimum payment to a family with 5...
  3. THEGREAT888

    parabolic antenna

    Hi Guys I wonder if anyone still be using parabolic is very heavy...large...taking large size of land on the backyard.... How do you dispose it once it is no longer needed? Anyone to share her/his experience ? T
  4. THEGREAT888

    cleaning the gutter

    hi investors I wonder if you have been required to clean the gutter due to recent rains. Can you say that the cleaning of the gutter from falling leaves are part of the investors responsibilities? or the tenants? Regards t
  5. THEGREAT888

    sliding bifold door on the rear house's verandah

    Happy Australia day, members. Just wonder if a council permit is needed to add/install sliding door on the rear's house of the verandah. What about to add doors and windows so it become a queenslander home. Regards
  6. THEGREAT888

    Epump decommissioned

    Hi members any opinion? t
  7. THEGREAT888

    Interstate contract with a new PM

    Hi Members A couple of questions about contract with a new PM, not the same RE as the selling agent. 1. As an interstate purchaser, how do you sign a contract with the local PM by not physically be there to sign. 2. Would it be legal to sign a contract with a PM before a settlement date...
  8. THEGREAT888

    x collateral

    Hi Members So we all know we should avoid x collateral as best of possible. We also know some just had little choice but to x collateral. So if you had had to chose the x collateral, what could have been the reasons Please share your experience with the rest of us T
  9. THEGREAT888

    Claiming interest deduction day 1

    Hi Guys So the property settlement is expected during school holiday early next year. What strategy do you equip yourself with to ensure that the property immediately advertised as early as settlement date. t
  10. THEGREAT888

    Rental Vacancy and Rental Yield

    Hi Landlords What do you think about rental vacancy with your property investments. It seemed that there are more vacancies in the sydney suburban then a couple of years ago. I wonder if you have any issue to fill your property with tenants without reducing rent below market yield...
  11. THEGREAT888

    Try to work out how LMI is calculated

    Hi Guys There are two properties. Property A valued at $400000 Property B valued at $300000 Total value $700000 at this point Total loan for above $300000 With the above property no LMI applied If a decision made to purchase Property C valued at $500000. Loan for Property C...
  12. THEGREAT888

    Low Density Zone vs Medium Density Zone

    G'day members I wonder if any member has any information to share about land value. Would the Low Density 's land value are different to Medium Density's land value? Please advise T
  13. THEGREAT888

    Accused of avoiding to pay land tax

    A story from a acquintance. Abbott and wife have a few joint properties in nsw. As they discovered that they are liable to pay a huge amount of land tax, they decided to contact land tax office and asked for advice . They made up a few different scenarios so they can make informed decision...
  14. THEGREAT888

    Neighbour request

    Hi Members I had just been approached by one side of my neighbour. He advised that the pine tree similar to attached file which was planted in my front yard should be chopped off. According to this neighbour, those five little pine trees with the size of one metre in height and 30 cm in...
  15. THEGREAT888

    What do you think?

    A friend asked for an advice. All of this friend's investment properties are in joint names with partner. Less than 12 months ago they bought another property in joint name. They now decide to have this property titled in one name. That is in a partner's name. As this friend will have the...
  16. THEGREAT888

    5.49% per annum

    G'day Just want to know if members can share their best offer of interest rate from their financial institution for a loan below $750000.00 Would you get a better deal than 5.49%? If so, which bank? ta t
  17. THEGREAT888

    Management Agency Agreement-prevent indemnity claim by the landlord to the R/E

    HI Members What a nice sunny saturday... I am preparing a new MANAGEMENT AGENCY AGREEMENT with my local R/E Agent. He gave me a draft contract which allows him to get away from any claim, suits actions costs and expenses if any was made against his r/e in the course of or arising out of...
  18. THEGREAT888

    booking settlement date

    Hi Members Could you share your experience please. I just need to know as a property purchaser, how many days does the bank will need to be notified of a settlement date? days or weeks? Your assistance is appreciated T
  19. THEGREAT888

    Land Tax versus Strata Fee

    Hi Members We often consider that land tax is a burden to our property investment. I wonder what members think of Strata Fees? Aren't they comparable objects? Both are not the tool to increase the value of the property Would you have rather purchased a house with a land tax imposition...
  20. THEGREAT888

    Also about land tax

    Hi Members Another question about land tax How will the land tax be calculated for the property owned by more than one person. Say the NON PPOR land worth $1000000(exaggerated figure) Owned by my partner 70% and myself 30% Would the land tax be proportionated for each individual...