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  1. evand

    The truth about govt. debt

    More Facts Behind the Howard Government’s Debt Elimination From: "Australia’s net Government debt was $96 billion in June 1996. By June 2007, Australia had net financial assets (negative debt) of...
  2. evand

    Why Abbott could lose the ‘unloseable’ election

    "Now while Keating’s win in 1993 has its similarities to the next federal election, the most similar circumstance is arguably that of the Howard government victories of 2001 and 2004. A crushing victory to the Liberal National party in Queensland earlier this year led to the erroneous assumption...
  3. evand

    A nation of whingers

    "Perhaps this is the symptom of our success. If we had double-digit unemployment then we'd really have something to worry about. But we don't. So we wail and gnash our teeth about the injustice of it all." Read more...
  4. evand


    Are there any experts on the forum on Joomla/jomsocial websites? I have a project going on where i need some advice and maybe some work needing done. I normally outsource to India/Pakistan/Philippines but sometimes the language problems can get a bit too much.
  5. evand

    mobile RE searches

    A simple poll. Do you use mobile devices (ipad, iphone, HTC etc) to search for and/or receive info on properties while out looking? Also, would you in the future if it was simple/
  6. evand

    spread sheet problem. Any Excel gurus?

    I have a simple question regarding Excel i hope someone can help me with. I have a spreadsheet with 4 tabs at the bottom (lets say one for each financial year). On each of these pages (tabs) are formulas? where figures are entered and calculates automatically on the page. My question is, i...
  7. evand

    carbon tax thread

    The carbon tax thread was closed by the right wing. How ironic. Or maybe how appropriate. Good on you TC.
  8. evand

    interesting site

    for those of us who love RE agents
  9. evand

    web site sale

    A while back a new poster placed a website on here for sale and it (and the owner) was derided as a scam. I recently received an email that the auction had ended and the website sold for $71,568! Not bad for a scam. Talk about ignorance...
  10. evand

    Common Sense

    An Obituary printed in the London Times - Interesting and sadly rather true: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was...
  11. evand

    Peter Comben Development Workshop 1

    I have a as new DVD/CD + manual course of the above i want to sell. I'm cleaning out my cupboard and out it goes. It sells for $550 from his site, if someone is willing to throw me a couple hundred + postage, its all yours. Info here:
  12. evand

    phantom offers?

    I am interested in a property in Erskineville Sydney that is to go to Auction this coming Saturday afternoon. Its pretty rough but im a tradie, i'm ok with the tools and i have plenty of mates in the building industry, so no problem. I asked the agent what price range and she says mid $600k's...
  13. evand

    NSW election this weekend

    As everyone knows this weekend is the NSW state election. It looks like the incumbent Labor is going to be hammered and lose a lot of seats. As im normally a Labor voter, i find it hard to vote for them as they have been a joke for years. I cant bring myself to vote conservative so i'll...
  14. evand

    Hows this for an RE ad?

    As much as i dislike the RE industry i do admire their doing something different here. If it was my house i'd be pleased.
  15. evand

    cricket on FM radio

    Do any learned posters on here know if its possible to listen to the cricket in Sydney on FM radio.
  16. evand


    Further to the current thread about downloading music. I'd like to open a poll to determine whether anyone has copied a CD, tape or downloaded music.
  17. evand

    My favorite book shop gets better

    Hi If you read a lot of books like i do. I'd like to show you my favorite book website; Its now even better with free world wide shipping. So, no GST to pay, already amazing prices, great exchange rate, every book sale donates to world literacy and...
  18. evand

    Re: the thread: Re:The thread: "Farewell from WW

    I would like to comment on the thread which was about the thread which was about WW leaving the forum. I'll think of something and get back to you real soon.
  19. evand

    RE comission

    I have a property on the market for about $670k and the 2 houses next to mine are already on the market (one just sold) with the same agent i am signing up with. I will get a flow on from their inquiry list from the other 2 houses as there have been a LOT of interest. Their commission is...
  20. evand

    What happened to?

    What happened to the thread about Rumpled Elf's issues with her daughter? I found that thread really interesting and it has just disappeared!