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    Our 1st Development

    Hi Thunder. Well done its a big step. One thing that stung us regarding finance that might be helpful for you is to get the builder to price for turnkey. When we did our little split and 2. The bank said for us to bring in our receipts and they would hand over 80 percent. We did...
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    Which trade for Dishwasher install

    I would get your local cabnet maker or handyman to make the adjustments. The standard opening is around 600mm, so they will just take one cupboard out and cut the kicker down the bottom. You will then need a plumber to put hose connections in the opening Cheers Bushy
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    rejuvenating old threads

    Maybe along the lines of "Random Photo's" ie "Random Classics"
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    Positive Cashflow

    neK, Not knowing what your style is the same as how long is a piece of rope. Different styles might include 1. cashflow +, low growth --- because you have a low income 2. cashflow -ve, High growth ---because you have a high income 3. A house thats needs a reno, revalue then higher rent 4...
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    Positive experiences with trusts

    Hi Propola, Start to look at the end picture and then work backwards to organize your structure for holding property. At the moment you have 2 IP's in your own name, one has been your PPOR so if you need to sell one, this would be it. You probably only receive a small Land Tax bill as you...
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    returns on investment property

    It depends on how you look at return on investment. My take on it is something like this (assuming ) You invested 20k Your gross return is 32k + capital growth Your costs are around 4k per yr (rates,water,insurance,landtax etc) Interest costs are 300 x 6% = 18k Your nett return is...
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    Smoke infested unit

    Don't forget the aircon filter
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    4% + GST Management Fee

    How about doing your maths, and then looking at it from your PM's point of view. Assuming all the IPs rent for the same amount ie 10k per yr (to make it easy) 5% of 40k = 2k 4% of 50k = 2k So basically you are asking them to do all the extra work on the next one for zip. PS I pay 10%...
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    How to find property owner

    Contact the council. Bushy
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    How does purchase a house used for holiday accommodation work out?

    Hi Danel, Best street for views - Esplanade Best street for take away - Beach Rd Best street to take your caravan -Sydney Cres Best street to invest in for capital growth - Sorryistillwantmoreofthat Street:) Bushy
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    Where can I get the zoning codes?

    Normally the local council in SA. Have a look at their development plan and check out the maps. Bushy
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    Dodgy RE Agent not passing on full rent?

    You should have already been given a copy of the lease. It's easy to get in touch with the tennant - Just post a letter, you know where he lives:) Bushy
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    pros and cons of periodic lease

    In SA. Periodic = 60days notice to raise rent, terminate lease. We tried to keep previous tenants on their toes by telling them we would go to periodic when their lease ended (they were always good near the end of the lease), we could then move them on easier. But the better solution was a 3...
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    Stepping stone # 5175 - this is it

    Make sure you watch Wild hogs (or again)before the trip Dazz Bushy
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    Two Amazing Men

    Yes welcome back Mark, How are the cattle:) Bushy
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    Two Amazing Men

    There definitely was excitement on the night and I appreciate and thank Xenia and her team for the service they provide. It would have been very easy for me to stand up with the 20+ people that were going to make a commitment for the $7000 course in Melbourne. The only problem, I didn't...
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    Delay settlement - Tenants refusing to vacate

    And don't forget to charge interest for the delay in settlement. They will fix it quicker. and you had to pay an extra few weeks rent. Bushy
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    Tenants consistently pay late

    Had the same prob once, tenants always payed 12 days late. It created to much work and stress for us and we new they new how to take advantage of the system. Our solution - We put up the rent and they left on their own free will. Cheers Bushy
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    Selling off the back half of our block...

    Hi Just, Have you considered buying next door, you already have a head start on the developer. We had the opportunity to buy the pop behind us a few years back for 250k and thought it too expensive. Since then rents have risen and it would be cash neutral. Not to mention development...
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    Selling off the back half of our block...

    Hi Just, You might only have to pay for a boundary realignment which is about 3k. If he can only get 2 on the block next door and he can get 4 with your back half it might be worth more that 170k. Your place might even be worth more than next door if your place is worth an extra 3 sites...