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    80% Lo Docs for trusts ?

    Hi all, Are 80% Lo Docs for trusts still around. We are in prelim stage to develop one of our properties but need to know if an 80% Lo Doc for a Discretionary Trust is do-able before we put much time into running numbers for the development. We need a 80% Lo Doc refinance to release...
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    Mt Gambier - Cashflow

    We have decided to put our property at Mt Gambier SA 5290 which consists of 6 x 1 roomed units and a 3br, 1 bath house all on 1 title on the market again. We tried to sell it last August as a means of getting into another property but missed out on it and decided to keep it. Details 1...
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    Negotiation info needed

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend books, dvd's or courses relating to negotiation that they have done or seen. Thanks in advance. Regards Bushy
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    ANZ Property Outlook

    For your information, ANZ Property Outlook Jan 2008 Regards Bushy
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    Fixed rate rise

    Heard a rumour ANZ is raising its fixed rates again very soon after they went up a week ago. Will the other big 3 follow and is it time to lock in or is it just to help their profits. Bushy
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    Is interest deductable for donations ?

    Hi all, I am interested to know if this scenario would work as a way of reducing tax legally and helping out a charity. A scenario could be (and it's not mine) PAYE income 50k Growth of IPs per yr 200k Tax payable $9,600 assuming no IP deductions Nett income $40,400 If I borrowed...
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    6 Units & House, for sale

    We are putting our property at Mt Gambier SA 5290 which consists of 6 x 1 roomed units and a 3br, 1 bath house all on 1 title on the market. Another opportunity has come up for us and we need the proceeds from the sale to get in. If we don't get a contract on it in the next 3 weeks we will hold...
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    Adelaide Quantity Surveyor needed

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a Quantity Surveyor for a property in Adelaide. I've done a search, but couldn't find any. Thanks in advance. Regards Bushy
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    Data needed

    Hi all, I'm trying to get some data on the following 1. average house prices for aust capital cities 1970-2006 2.all ords 1970-2006 also the average P/E ratio any pointers to where I can get the info would be greatly appreciated.I am trying to make some charts to compare...
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    Investorsdirect services anyone

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has used Investorsdirect sevices for finance, Do they hold relevant licences, what type of lenders etc. I went to a seminar in Melbourne a few weeks ago and heard Bill Zheng talk about different strategies. Very motivational but I still need to do my homework...
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    Any recommendations for PM in Mt Gambier

    Thanks in advance regards Bushy
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    changing trustees

    Hi all, At present my wife and I as Trustees have been purchasing properties for our family trust. Our names are on all the paperwork . We plan to have a trustee company in the near future and would like to know 1. Do we need to change the names on the titles. If so the assetts haven't...
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    CGT + capital losses in a Trust

    Hi all , A question regarding CGT. If a trust was holding 20k in capital losses ie shares sold at a loss ,and then sold a property for a total profit after expenses of 50k that has been held for over a year ,which would be the right sums for income distribution. A. Taxable CG on property -...
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    asset rich/ cash poor

    Hi all, I'm trying to help a 74yr property investor increase his cashflow.He has about 4 ips and lives off the rent ,approx 20k per year. all are freehold and wants some extra cash for lifestyle.all ips are high growth and would be silly to sell so that would be his last option. Could he get...
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    white ants in tenants furniture ?

    G'day all , I caught up with our tenant tonight and she mentioned that a friend of hers recommended placing metal ashtrays under the legs of her expensive timber furniture to stop white ant damage, as they could enter through the timber floors.I was wondering if we would be liable for the...
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    tax- trust debt transfer

    G'day all , I posted this last week and lost the reply with the changeover.Sorry for the hassle Dale. My wife and I have 3 positive geared IP's in our own names that have increased in value by obout 80%.We have also purchased more properties but they are through our Family Trust .If we were...
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    Tax -Debt Transfer

    From: Paul Bushy G day to all,I'm a newbie to this forum. I got into property investing a few years ago after switching out of the stock market.I have a question regarding taxation. My wife and I purchased 3 high growth,positive geared properties in both our names and then purchased property...