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    Solicitor recommendation

    Can someone pls recommend a solicitor for a building dispute in Sydney.
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    Interest rates are down more than i remembered

    Was just curious and had a look at an old bank statement on-line and was a bit surprised how high rates were before the GFC hit. Its not going back there any time soon but shows how far it has fallen in 6 years Statement begins: 1 Jan 2008 Statement ends: 30 June 2009 Required Payments...
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    Suggestions in what to do pls

    Our builder has the roof finished and has started gyprocking the place. The attic was supposed to be a large 3rd bedroom and ensuite. Just walked through the attic and the floor to ceiling height is much much lower than shown on plans. The builder is blaming my architect for bad design and...
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    Evicting tenant at end of 90 day notice period

    Would appreciate any advise/views on this: We have a project planned to start in early January 2014 and have tentatively booked demolition of existing property mid December. We gave the tenants who are on periodic lease and very/very low rent 90 days notice in mid September. The condition of...
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    Builder approved by bank

    Cba have said finance would be possible subject to valuation which I understand and builder to be acceptable to the bank - what do they mean by that; I though any licensed builder would be ok as long as they don't have tribunal orders and cases
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    Bank direct or broker

    Hi all - have worked for banks and have a private banker looking after me so i have stayed with a bank directly for 15 years. (only changed banks once in that time) The key for me is to be able to get finance to do small developments at resi rates. I have stayed with a big bank for this...
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    Property development

    Hi - long time reader 1st post. I have done a couple of developments now - mid sized, 4 to 8 townhouses and was wondering whether it is really worth it for the risks involved. When i do the detailed calculations it looks like a substantial part of the profits are due to the market moving for...