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    Problem with Brisbane Council -- New Driveway and Tree

    Arborist report Yep, get an arborist report and have the arborist include/suggest replacement with another tree at your expense planted in a different area if council will allow.
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    Lowball offers, questions.

    This! I think you might need to give the agent/seller some credit. They will be keeping an eye on the market around them without you pointing it out, it is in their best interest to do this and most seem to. As far as I can see, here in Brissy anyway The agent gives the seller the best...
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    Tenant not paying water bills

    They sound like excellent tenants so personally I would tread with caution. If a breach notice is sent it could go all the way to eviction, weeks of vacant property, re lease fees and to be competitive, you may even have to include water to get in new tenants. Perhaps put it in writing that...
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    Property Development Project Management

    Hi claire, Multi unit build (9 2x2 and 2x1) His PM strategy is not to get actual costs until DA approval at which point it is very refined, every item is listed for costing, used in the build. From bricks to taps. All of this is on paper. This is then given to builders for tender process...
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    Info on a company gone into liquidation.

    Yep, this works far better than trying to get hold of liquidators. My folks bought 3 lounges, company went into liquidation and credit card company refunded. Went quite smoothly.
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    Reality shock - development approval granted

    thanks Westminster, if anyone knows this stage you do, love your dev posts!! we purchased the other 2 near uni for a bit of preplanning from a personal point of view if we have to leave qld which is quite likely with hubbys job, (lack of) we have 2 older girls in uni who will not leave...
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    General thoughts on townhouses & villas ?

    this ^ several months ago, I purchased 2 places in the same suburb. one is strata 3 bed 3 story townhouse (1 of 5) one 405 block with 3 bed house one for cash flow and one for cap gain I will however, only look at small complexes without pools gyms etc to try to keep body corp fees...
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    Property Development Project Management

    by the way, they did not source the land for me. if you find land to subdivide you can also use dial before you dig to find out if there are any services running through the block that might make subdivision impossible. A town planner can also advise on wether subdivisions are possible. A...
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    Property Development Project Management

    project mgt I think your approach is a sound one and one I have recently used due to my lack of knowledge in the area I got quotes from 3 project management companies (brisbane) who used different approaches and had one to one meetings with them. 1. P.Mgr who had a builders licence but was...
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    Reality shock - development approval granted

    Think if I was gaurenteed 1.5 I would seriously consider it but that was the top end value we were given so not sure on it! Wouldn't be 700k profit though! We had some of those fairly sizeable cost thingies on the way through :rolleyes:
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    Reality shock - development approval granted

    Hi MTR, yes, we could hold for a bit, recent approval is 4 yrs though demo is less now as that came through last year. It would be a great profit after 2 yrs and very relieved/elated to have got it over the line. there are new apartments/hotel etc going up in the Showgrounds but I think herston...
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    Reality shock - development approval granted

    Hi there, no, honestly, apart from attending the many meetings involved and loving the various solutions to the never ending issues! (particularly the bin collection issues as once you go over 9 units it is major street pick up etc so changing driveways car parking etc to allow a truck to turn...
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    Reality shock - development approval granted

    Congrats! Fantastic result achieving that above what you thought :D was it a Brissy auction?
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    Painting Window Frames

    similar situation Recently purchased a property with ugly blue powder coated window frames. I was having a handy man over to quote on other stuff and asked him to quote on this....he wouldn't 'in a million years' attempt it but suggested when we render the front and get a painting quote, they...
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    Reality shock - development approval granted

    Hi MTR, I have spoken to Darryl before on putting it into a trust (it's still in my name until we figure out wether to hold or sell though) and found him to be really good and quite innovative. We have so much going on in the background (may have to leave Brissy for employment) that I am...
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    Reality shock - development approval granted

    Est figures Hi Brendon, It is no longer 13 2 beds unfortunately! If we got that approval I would be begging, borrowing and stealing to complete the build :) Bit by bit, we lost some GFA due to trying to get it over the line, though in fairness we applied with 110% GFA, now down to 89.7% We...
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    My Aqua Blue Ugly Duckling - #4

    Congrats Congratulations on a great purchase. Love the details and rationale in your post!
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    Reality shock - development approval granted So, after running head first into the excitement of 'developing' and getting a reality check of just how difficult things can get, albeit we definitely didnt take the easy route! now...
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    Update and knee jerk decisions

    Far too long! Will redo...sorry!
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    Family friendly suburbs in Brisbane (<10km to the city)?

    Yep, correct, checked flood maps and PDonline says CR2 so character res. infill (estate agent has it listed as LMR and I went on that) lucky the new city plan has the extra height requirements as that property will need it by the looks of it. still dev. Potential as isnt CR2 300m2? Anyway, I...