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    Caveats and Tips on buying OTP in Brisbane with SMSF ?

    OTP contracts in QLD will not allow you to Caveat, assume that goes for elsewhere as it is financiers requirement. A lot of people buying OTP want to try and negotiate some of the terms of the contract, although the developer may be okay with it, their lender may not. OTP Contracts We draft...
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    What consitutes legal advice?

    The biggest ones we see are where accountants give advice in relation to Asset Protection on structures. Have seen insurer refuse to cover the accountant because they provided legal advice.
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    Somersoft Goodbye Thread

    I learnt more off this site than in the 9 years of university Study I have done. The wealth of knowledge on here and the real life experience is unparalleled, I send so many people I talk to over to this site, going to take a while to get used to not sending.
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    Phones - land line/mobile

    no landline at home for several years. Offices are cloud pabx (business voip)
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    How many Properties in a Trust in Q'land

    I would normally go 1 per trust (and personally do). Corp trustee is easiest way to ensure separate threshold for each. BUT - if need to access NG and don't have any +ve cashflow trust income to distribute then will be an issue -Initial setup plus annual costs need to be evaluated. Big issue...
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    Has anyone obtained stormwater access from neighbour?

    No Easement required. Have had it cost from a carton of beer to $5k for little 1 into 2 subdivisions.
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    Anyone thoughts on Morningside or Norman Park

    Norman Park is an outstanding state school, people move to that catchment to get their kids in. I live in that area and much prefer Norman Park to Morningside but Morningside does have a great retail strip.
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    Looking for a buyers agent - Brisbane

    Andrew Allen on here buys for clients in Moreton Bay.
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    Investing in Moorooka, Brisbane

    It has great transport and a great main retail strip. It has become more monocultural in recent years and not sure if that would reduce or increase tenant supply.
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    Buyers agent Brisbane required

    More of my clients have used Andrew Allen then any one else and he gets great feedback and is a great contributor on here. Kim Davis from property searchers has also been getting some good feedback lately.
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    Vendor not providing vacant possession at settlement

    Contract says vacant possession, in default otherwise. That is the letter of the law but it depends on how much you want the property. Could try and push them out quickly through various legal notices etc. When it comes down to it though would try and avoid litigation over this sort of thing...
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    Conveyancer and/or B&P inspectors Ipswich Region These guys are being used by more and more of my clients lately and Andrew knows his stuff.
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    OTP - loan not confirmed until settlement (QLD)?

    He is correct. Finance offer won't be unconditional until title issued
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    What does "Unconditional"really mean?

    If you PM or email the details of the contract or preferably email me a copy of the contract then I am happy to advise through here (identifying info removed) free of charge.
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    Why are sub-dividable blocks rarely 80-100% times the price?

    Allow $70k in costs for the subdivision. Then allow 6 months interest (it it all goes well)
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    Advice required re: changing residential to medical consulting zoning on a house

    Health related businesses are generally looked upon more favourably by council than others as these are seen as essential community services. The site with the relevant codes The Small Non-Residential uses code is a good one if you can make it fit, it will...
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    Conveyancer gold coast

    PEXA has gone live only for settlement notices and caveats for solicitors in QLD. Government had passed the necessary legislation for transfers as yet. I am not sure PEXA is going to make it cheaper either, it will cost us over $100 to use it for a settlement.
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    Pls recommend a broker in the North Brisbane area

    Ditto on those 2 guys. 1 west 1 coastwards but well worth the drive
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    In QLD each trust has a separate land tax threshold. That can make a separate trust worth the cost alone. But if you need to negative gear then a discretionary trust may cause cashflow issues. You need specialist advice. If you are investing down south then an appointment with Terry W and a...
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    What is your (extra) day off worth?

    I always used to go through stages, when I was building a business I would work all the time and then when they got to the stage of being managed I would wind back and not work much at all. As I have gotten older work no longer feels like work 90% of the time. I love what I do so it is not an...