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    Somersoft on Tapatalk

    +1 for a format more easily read on a portable device.
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    Tips for women in a FIFO role...

    IIRC she was in Health & Safety, can't remember exactly, it's been awhile.
  3. aaarghhh

    4M Comm property

    Twice the distance from the centre to one end.
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    Brisbane Floods

    Hi Trace You are still going through that crap?! That's crazy.
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    RIP PennyK

    Very sad news to hear. RIP
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    Joke Thread

    Found this gem on Veet hair removal gel.
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    whats your most usefull firefox addons

    lastpass adblock and my fav noscript.
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    10-lot Subdivision Civil Works Thread

    nice pictures Wow , the pics are good Brendio, I'd be interested in the time it took for you hand-rendered base/manhole A few years ago, I had a smaller jobbie that required two pre-benched, precast rocla manholes and connecting 28m of new sewer line, took 3 days from start to finish. Keep...
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    teamspeak / chatroom

    Hey Sim Have you guys ever considered adding teamspeak to the site? Something to consider maybe? Aza
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    PC build Brisbane

    I buy from auspcmarket. great website design.
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    Is there a viable alternative to ebay ?

    Agreed - Gumtree is pretty good.
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    build a house on main sewer, yes or no?

    How often are there sewer problems? Is this once in a blue moon, every 2nd Friday in a month ending in the letter 'R' ?
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    Time-lapse video of house moving

    Your right. thants just asking for a dodgy hip replacement.
  14. aaarghhh

    Time-lapse video of house moving

    Why so low? No feasible for legal height underneath? Nice video.
  15. aaarghhh

    Photography lightbulb - help finding one

    Is this a fluro one or an old non efficient filament bulb? If it is the old jobby, they are getting nearly impossible to find in QLD.
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    iphone apps vs android apps

    iphone vs android +1 for iphone +1 for android Got bothm, best of both worlds. Difficult to get around that one. Google Peter Tersteeg :)
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    Property Hotspotting Site Beta Testers

    PM sent .........
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    Rental return percentages

    I've read about a few products with IO for 25 years in the business area. "Residential Secured 5 year Fixed Term Business Loans"
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    Age Article of overseas buyers buying land.

    Didn't Harry Triguboff quote that for the last 10-12 years were 20-30% sold to china and the likes.
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    Fisher and Paykel service

    chicken bone! What reason is a chicken bone doing in the dishwasher?