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  1. manny

    End of an Era

    Hi Sim, I think you are right, I was on the original board (Somersoft v1) before it got archived... wow, time flies when you are having fun :) Cheers, Manny.
  2. manny

    End of an Era

    A BIG thank you goes out to Ian, Jan & Sim and of course all the old timers that made this a great site! Unfortunately I haven't been all that active on the site in the last couple of years, however can say that this site (I should really say Community) has been excellent & got to meet many...
  3. manny

    WHITE Home group Broker

    Hi Probe, I personally haven't heard them, but know that there are MANY other brokers that regularly post in this forum & may be worth speaking to one (as they are IP savvy, you are likely to get more than loan advice)... Good luck with everything... Cheers, Manny.
  4. manny

    Next door neighbour damaged our property

    Hi FM, if he does repeat this form of "cleaning", just keep on returning his "goodies" onto his front lawn... Keep up the good work :) Cheers, Manny.
  5. manny

    tiles before skirting? unsure

    Don't forget to caulk the skirting to stop water from getting under the skirting (if placing skirting on tiles, which is the way to go)... But yes you are correct, best to tile first & place skirtings on top... I recommend caulking afterwards... Most volume builders however do place the...
  6. manny

    Melbourne February 2009 Meeting

    Hi Y-man, its been a while, but will do my very best to get there... Cheers, Manny.
  7. manny

    When to buy? So many questions...

    Hi Lostis, as per Jacque's you buy when u can afford to buy, however given the current climate (property's experiencing very little growth in most areas over the last year or two & some even going backwards), keep your eyes open as opportunities will arise & is a buyer's market... The main...
  8. manny

    Frankston Frankston Frankston

    I can't say Melton is horrible, however if given a choice between the two suburbs, I'd say you are more likely to get a higher % capital growth (better long term return on your investment) from Frankston... However given the current economic climate, it is a buyer's market (hence, keep your...
  9. manny

    2 loans sharing same offset account?

    I agree, just setup another Offset account once your Offset amount reaches the loan balance... Wouldn't hurt & I can't see you having any additional fees to pay, bank would just do it... Cheers, Manny.
  10. manny

    Coles - Friday - Proceeds to Bushfire Appeal

    Hi Minx, thanx for the clarification, just saw it on Tellie the other night & assumed they just copied Coles :) Cheers, Manny.
  11. manny

    Leave as wood or tile over - toilet floor

    I would personally tile it, as over time the polish with shrink at places & if not careful & moisture goes through it will be a mess (especially if it is let out, tenants won't care to wipe water off flooring)... You can apply cement sheets on top of the boards & the just tile over, caulking...
  12. manny

    Can I still claim tax on the redraw from IP?

    That is why it is worth planning ahead & utilise an offset account just in case things do change, you have that flexibility... I swear by my offset account, has come in handy MANY times... Cheers, Manny.
  13. manny

    Coles - Friday - Proceeds to Bushfire Appeal

    Hi Sunfish, Coles is still the same, nothing has really changed since Wesfarmers took over "ownership". Eventually Wesfarmers may decide to look at ways to improve the business, possibly sell off Target? or even Kmart? but time will tell... (As Myer was sold off by ColesMyer prior to the...
  14. manny

    Coles - Friday - Proceeds to Bushfire Appeal

    Hi Ian, surely it will be announced Coles donated $XXX & Safeway $XXX I doubt they will keep it a secret?? Its publicity for them... Cheers, Manny.
  15. manny

    Which company for landlords insurance?

    Hi guys, I've made 2 claims to EBM in the past (few years back now) & got paid out in full both times... I still use them for LandLord insurance even though I have buildings covered by another provider... I personally recommend them... Cheers, Manny.
  16. manny

    Coles - Friday - Proceeds to Bushfire Appeal

    Safeway (Worlworths) will also donate all their profits made on Friday 20th of February... Good to see them also jumping on board... So we shop @ Coles this Friday then Safeway/Wolworths next Friday... Interesting to compare their profits :) Cheers, Manny.
  17. manny

    Melbourne December 2008 - MIG Xmas Lunch

    ** Bump ** Don't forget the lunch is scheduled for tomorrow, would be great to catch up with everyone... Cheers, Manny
  18. manny

    Big TV

    Hi Kim, the Sony Bravia is a great TV... the last series, although had a slower refresh rate of just 8ms, it produced excellent colours... Due to the slower refresh rate, wasn't as good as some of the newer panels when it came to sports (although were great for movies)... The newer Bravias...
  19. manny

    Big TV

    Hi TB, don't be surprised if they are two different sets... the pz800a costs around $3-400 extra (still a 1080p unit) & comes with 3 HDMI ports (that's the way you know which one it is in adds)... the other one is the pz80a (still a 1080p unit) that comes with two HDMI ports (also doesn't...
  20. manny

    Big TV

    Hi Jacque, the Pioneer is the Rolls Royce of Plasmas, no one else comes close to them... unfortunately the current Pioneer range will be their last they actually manufacture, as the new series will be manufactured for them by Panasonic if I remember right (I don't think it was Samsung)...