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    North Altantic Rim housing market

    Housing flood in Germany pours cold water on prices We see boring growth in UK, France, Ireland, Spain, the US and Western Europe over the next one to two years,” Mr Bailey said (Knight Frank’s global house price index)...
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    The Credit Crunch

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    Prognostications from the Antipodes

    "Whatever you do, remember that today's Idyllic pleasant picture in the UK is very shortly in for a rude awakening, much as the US home owners are experiencing in increasing numbers. The bull market in housing is over for now, better to realize this now whilst you have the opportunity to do...
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    Peak Debt "The general manager of Australian Property Monitors, Michael McNamara, said he coined the term "peak debt" to echo the "peak oil" theory, which suggests the production of oil has peaked and is running out. Likewise the capacity to borrow...