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    How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

    thought this video might be of intrest. at least for those who what to gauge where we are or where we are headed in terms of housing cycle.
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    amagamated ?

    there is a block of cheap units in a popular place and the add says they have been amalgamated. what dose this mean excatly ? they build ing is very old and ratty. but its in a extemly popular suburb.
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    very low income earner

    hi. i have saved up as much money as i can for the past 6 or 7 years hand have come up with about $55,000. this is big enough for a deposit for most people in Australia however for myself on a single income and that income being low (27k per year) it is way to much of a risk taking out a...
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    fake property photos

    take a look at this for example. why are there photoshoped photos of houses for sale on ? hiding powerlines, ploes other objects ect maby ?