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    WPC premium option home loan problems

    Hi Folks, 9 months ago I rented out a property that I had previously occupied as a first home owner. The initial mortgage was a westpac premium option home loan where salary was depositd into the home loan account and general living expenses were taken out via a monthly credit card funds...
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    Living Off Equity In Retirement

    hi BB, I guess thats exactly my point, Why do you need future capital growth in your retirement years, isn't an income stream good enough? OK so you die with more capital (unrealised thou) Re sharing the windfall with Johnny, well, you made that windfall with virtually none of your own...
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    Living Off Equity In Retirement

    Hi Marco, I think you should get a grip mate, Why is it necessary to have so much wealth. Cant you just sell the properties and live on the income generated from the sales? If you cant live a reasonable retirement on that amount, which is probably going to be considerably more than most...