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    impact of stockmarket crash on property prices

    Hey all, I have asked this question in a previous forum,albeit differently worded.It is not rocket science to figure out there will be a correction or crash on the stockmarket at some time. I believe it will impact on property prices. one would be led to assume there will be downward presuure on...
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    Where is Sydney on the property cycle right now?

    Hi all, does anyone(investor or owner occupier) see any real value (considering rental yield and CG potential) in Sydney, within any respectable distance from the Harbour/CBD? I am struggling to find anything of value within 20km of CBD. Yields are still under 5%, probably closer to 4% for...
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    declining property prices?

    Hi everyone, what do people feel the impact of a stock market correction or crash will have on property prices? I have heard they work in reverse, when stocks are out of favour, property is in. However, the root cause of the current market correction is easy credit, primarily to housing. That in...