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  1. bob shovel

    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott kmart?

    id be more worried about the place burning down, those are a death trap!
  2. bob shovel

    First time renovator! Progress images

    as per wattle coming to PC As for your doors, why not go the wood finish in the study and paint the dining room side white, i think the wood could stand out to much in the dining area. make something else the feature of the room. Plus the hinges are inside the study and combined look See...
  3. bob shovel

    Perth meetup - Saturday, June 20th

    Unfortunately my grand plans of kids following a"normal"routine is out the window, ths plan was sleep on the drive down. I won't be able to make it, probably dreaming thinking it was going to be easy to meet new people with kids swinging round!
  4. bob shovel

    End of an Era

    Wow such a huge decision but understandable. thank you for starting and ruining it for so long! Definitely an achievement to create such a resource and community!! Also to the mods for keeping everything in order Will the new one have a similar look and feel to continue the journey?
  5. bob shovel

    Thoughts of Washing Machine taps inside tub?

    It looks a lot neater that way.still works all the same. Should the builder be reimbursing some costs, less work for plumber and fittings. Only a few hundred.saving but better in your pocket if you've already paid
  6. bob shovel

    Cotton-wool parenting

    I agree, give them a lesson in the real world and the BS that goes with it. The old natural selection is trying to be stamped out! i say bring it back, we need more idiots to do their thing so we become a more smarterer country
  7. bob shovel

    Is it safe to lightly sand asbestos?

    We'd all be dead if it was such an issue. There is asbestos in a lot of things you wouldn't realise. Where i am now majority of dividing fences are asbestos roof sheets, not even painted. I'm dead while typing this:eek:
  8. bob shovel

    The Next Project Reno

    Bargain! And they look the part! Is that the the new bench in? timber? ?
  9. bob shovel

    Journey so far - $75k salary (average), 5 years, 10 properties

    If your 9-5 if cruisey stick with it! You need pay slips to keep banks happy for future loans plus use the time to keep researching, learning and buying more ips! Take advantage of a cruisey job! Get the work done to meet your role them go shopping online! you gotta milk it !
  10. bob shovel

    First time renovator! Progress images

    Top colour choice and changing the archs. I hope you did all that with kids! Otherwise your 26 *** should be feeling a lot younger!:D Top job, when's the next one planned? How's the kitchen going
  11. bob shovel

    July edition of The Somersoft mag - oops I mean API

    Oh yeah I'll be buying! Just whether it's 2 houses or townhouses this year! Gotta be in it to win it! Ive spent the last 10 years learning ;) after buying in Penrith. equivalent of buying today!! I've seen the cycle and appreciate quite a bit! It's cost me but i wasn't in the right frame of...
  12. bob shovel

    July edition of The Somersoft mag - oops I mean API

    Well done ladies! stories like these do fuel the fire to get going and buy buy buy! With regards to your strategy of strata properties townhouses etc, often they are put down by some because of the strata fees not going into your pocket etc etc but i see them as a good way to get going like...
  13. bob shovel

    Birdsville Races

    I wish! We bypassed and drove to WA from Gladstone!
  14. bob shovel

    Journey so far - $75k salary (average), 5 years, 10 properties

    Do you think things would have been different if you took the blacktown ip and granny flay out of the equation. Did that make a big impact to increasing cash flow and equity pull? Could you still have bought do many in Logan without that buy and granny build? Just wondering how that would have...
  15. bob shovel

    Council *Shakes Head*

    Lizzie had a similar thread, congratulations your smarter than a council employee! Id say the tree removal submitted form x.x to the tree removal team, then they submitted firm 2x.x to the next Muppet, then someone passed on firm 3x.x to to the tree maintenance program, they submitted a form...
  16. bob shovel

    Ikea on Checkout

    Can you post the main points I'm yet to put our ikea tele together
  17. bob shovel

    Starting my building co. Looking for advice or mentor!

    Another avenue for social media, find the mum pages and groups local to you. Plenty of mums at home wanting work done and nagging husbands to pull their finger out. May be smallish work to begin with but word of mouth in the local area is good. ... My wife used to tell me of the local guys! I...
  18. bob shovel

    Council *Shakes Head*

    Rip it out. i have done it along with a few in my street at the time. Was it just your place or a few in the street? Either way remove it asap and say it was in then gone soon after. Deny deny deny
  19. bob shovel

    The seriousness of councils

    Haha so many reasons, out should i say excuses! 8hr days versus contractors 10+. Less efficient managers and teams can't, to scared to make decisions poor initial planning, lack of experience with large scale works That's just a few things. The same happened in Penrith, big intersection...
  20. bob shovel

    Uh oh. I've done another green DIY kitchen

    That's different! Is that ppor? You love the retro! Do you have those funky beatnik beret hats? As some wise person said