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    Somersoft Goodbye Thread

    I've learnt so much here. I wouldn't have the business I do now without help from brokers, insurance folk, builders, randoms who gave me advice and help along the way! I told everyone I know to join this site!
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    Any advice on Maryborough QLD

    I went to school there and lived there in the 90's. Recently went back and was shocked at the movement downward. Can't give birth locally now - got to go to Hervey Bay. There are some lovely areas and wonderful houses but parts of the main street look dead especially with the huge shopping...
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    First NCAT appearance

    Well very fun thing happened to me in the running of boarding houses. It's been five years and never an issue then one old departing guest decides to lodge an application asking for a refund. He paid $150 a week and found out some other guests were paying $130. Claimed he needed the $20 a week...
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    Purchase existing boarding house or build one on my own

    For those type of yields you would be nuts to invest in a boarding house. And there is no real investment or capital growth cause people don't want to touch them with a barge pole. And don't underestimate the amount of compliance. I would say you would have no chance of upgrading an existing...
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    School Reunions

    I went to my 20th recently. Was too chicken to do 10years. Still hurting over being a big, fat nerd with some bad experiences in a small town. But decided to totally own being a big fat nerd for the 20th. Interesting to see was mostly those that had a good high school experience turn up - the...
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    Kiva - helping others via micro-credit

    I made three yesterday - hoping I did it right to count for team SS.
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    Yes I think you are right Y-Man - when I am ready to volunteer again it will be for something I am in charge of and can fund I think. Actually I'm not quite as burned out as I thought - been thinking that since hitting Tamworth I've started a playgroup and a gals group lol. And I do have some...
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    I've got compassion fatigue. From about 13 I was a chronic volunteer - bad home life so anything to get out of the house. Up until about 30 I was always doing stuff for everyone and as my interests changed so did the volunteer work - at 13 was mostly dog walking at local pound and collecting...
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    The walking dead

    There is a UK show called Survivors about a flu I think it was. A few holed up in a supermarket warehouse but trouble is if you can't defend it against other humans you are in trouble. No matter what happens the risk is if someone dies inside and it's one of those "we all have the virus"...
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    What we are all warned about burning down before settlement!!! Make sure you have insurance!
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    Buying a boarding house

    While I'm chatting away I should tell you it all we had The Rexinox in the last few weeks - the one year anniversary of me buying Rex coincides with the Equinox ha ha. We're going strong mostly fully booked with a wait list at times. We have just cleaned out the last place of junk - a...
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    Buying a boarding house

    Actually most of my rejects end up in secondary or tertiary homelessness which is awful. There needs to be much more crisis care available, social workers, drug dependence units, juvenile intervention blah blah... A charity will try and throw me money - and quite a lot per night - to take...
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    Buying a boarding house

    I did read this week that vacancy rates are now about 4.2% which does seem a bit soft. But to be honest I don't rate any of the property managers in Tamworth - they are hard to deal with, stressed and disinterested with a bit of a god complex towards locals. Next year I might get my property...
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    Buying a boarding house

    Hey I met a Somersoft member and didn't even know! Your huge old chest freezer is going great guns and filled to the brim with meat already and many BBQs afoot by guests now. Have you got tenants now? My poor pup is up to three checkups now at vet and one emergency surgery on her paw but...
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    Your Funniest Reps/Kudos

    Disclaimer - I only realised I had kudos yesterday so sorry for ignoring all of you for a year. But they were hilarious.. "Basically saying out loud what many on here are thinking, wishing to say. Well done!" "Awesome post, very inspiring, you got balls ;)" "Hopefully helps some of the...
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    Renting to Defence Housing Australia

    My sister is in an army family. The army is very hard core on those places being left in good condition when families move and there are huge army fines for not doing things (eg cat scratched flyscreen. Sister has to fix it or army charges $250 per screen). But she has just lost an army house...
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    Forum outage

    I'm so useless on this forum I've only just worked out I have a bunch of Kudos dating back a year - so when I saw it was down I just assumed I'd broken it somehow, or my computer/internet. Not normally so tech unsavvy ha ha.
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    Buyers agents Regional NSW

    I live in Tamworth and I wouldn't think there is much money in flipping around here. Cash positive places yes for renting longer term, capital growth fairly slow but depending on the area not totally awful. But wouldn't try flipping.
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    What's your "Jonesey"?

    Not money but more the appearance of a successful 4-hour-week type lifestyle. Which is mostly true but a lot of hard work to get there and even the whole duck looks calm while paddling furiously underneath happens daily. The carefully crafted Facebook posts, photos, etc. Most people I know are...
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    Worst flu / fever season this year in Sydney

    Everyone down with a cold here. Don't think flu but still nasty. Kiddo sneezed so much green stuff at one point it was running off his face and grossed him out so much he started vomitting everywhere. Lovely. I think mine has now turned into a sinus infection which I have ended up with last few...