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    Ingleburn and Surrounds

    What are finger lots? Never heard of the term before.
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    Parramatta VS Castle Hill

    Depends on you as a person and what interests you. I've been in Ryde my entire life but just recently moved close to Parramatta and I love it. I agree with the above comments that CH is more family orientated, but I think that could be a little boring. I love being close to public transport...
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    Building a Duplex

    I'm assuming you went the project home builder route. Did they use the double gyprock party wall? Just curious whether those walls do a good job in regards to sound insulation.
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    Digging out swim pool

    Demolish half of it and turn the other half into the OSD and rainwater tank.
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    Builders, help! What should I do with sloping block?

    Aaron, what you're saying worked fine when houses were built on piers, all you needed to do was slap on some steps on at the front or rear door and you wouldn't have any stormwater issues. Now that majority of homes are built on concrete slabs, it's a little more difficult to manage stormwater...
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    Builders, help! What should I do with sloping block?

    Yes, exactly, but the retaining wall be at most 500mm high and will taper off through the length of the alfresco. The alfresco is 9000mm wide and 3600mm long and the retaining will only span half the length. I'd rather have a retaining wall by the alfresco area than a retaining wall cutting...
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    Builders, help! What should I do with sloping block?

    I visited the architect and stormwater engineer this morning regarding the issue and we came to a solution. So just to recap, the rear of the block falls from the rear to the front and I'm building an attached duplex side by side. What we agreed on which I think works well is to build a...
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    Builders, help! What should I do with sloping block?

    If I went with option B, I'd have to get rid of a large tree in the rear yard so I can push the retaining wall close to the boundary. There's also a large gumtree in the neighbours yard approximately 2 metres from the boundary, hopefully it's roots aren't in the way.
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    Builders, help! What should I do with sloping block?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm building a duplex on a site which slopes approximately 1 metre from the rear to the front (rear is higher) and have to decide whether to: A) Build the home above the natural ground level at the rear and have steps entering the house at the front...
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    Which councils in Sydney allow torrens title dual occupancy?

    I think Belvoir means they reduced from 800 to 600m2. Does anyone know what changes could be made by Penrith council soon? I read some good news somewhere on SS regarding Penrith council and dual occupancy subdivisions, just can't remember where.
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    Which councils in Sydney allow torrens title dual occupancy?

    I could but I'd spend a lot of time looking through DCPs of all the councils in Sydney. If everyone posted a council or two, we'd have a nice long list which I could create a spreadsheet with and post up.
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    Which councils in Sydney allow torrens title dual occupancy?

    Hi peeps, From your experience, which councils allow Torrens title subdivisions for dual occupancies/duplexes in the Sydney region? I know Parramatta do if you have minimum 15m frontage and 600sqm site area. If you know which council allows it and what their requirements are, post it!
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    Finished my cheap DIY bathroom

    Amazing what can be achieved with some thought and elbow grease. Love the toilet roll holder and the grout too, you just convinced me to lay the tiles in my place in brick pattern with GP cement grout. Great work, those extra touches made by yourself gives it so much character and something to...
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    render join

    The groove is a v joint to control where it cracks, not stop it. You can never stop cracks, it's part of the house settling and the foundations and materials expanding and contracting. That groove joint is there because below the line is concrete and above the line is brickwork, with aluminium...
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    Arborist recommendations in Western Sydney

    I should've noted in my post above that I was being sarcastic. I just got a quote from an arborist to report on the trees on my block prior to development, the quote came to $660 inc gst. Pm me if you'd like their details.
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    Recycled materials for granny flat.

    I'm about to demolish a house and from a builder's perspective, I see a lot of construction materials that will go to waste when it could easily be removed and used to build a granny flat. Granny flats don't necessarily need new and high end finishes, you could easily reuse most materials...
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    Structuring taxes on duplex

    I am a builder but I'm not looking for cash flow, but would prefer to roll over majority of the profits into the one I'm intending on keeping. It was mentioned above that rolling profits over is illegal under criminal law, but I guess I'm seeking the legal route/loophole. I had an idea of...
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    Sell duplex off the plan and allow purchaser changes?

    The administration side of things for me will be quite simple as I have administration experience on larger low density residential projects. When it comes to bulk buying, the internal finishes won't really impact discounts much. All the bulk discounts will be for bricks, timber, and other...
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    Structuring taxes on duplex

    What I've decided to do is keep 1 of the properties and sell the other. I'd rather hold one, rent it out afterwards and keep it as an IP. Regarding the side I'll be selling, I've heard that after the subdivision (prior to construction) which will be done directly after DA approval, you can claim...
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    Sell duplex off the plan and allow purchaser changes?

    I'm in the early planning stages of a duplex and am thinking whether it'd be a good idea to sell off the plan and allow the purchasers to make changes and customise to their taste/requirements. I wouldn't allow downgrading, but perhaps I could include a medium level of finishes and allow the...