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  1. michaelg

    Paint stripping

    Hi, I live in an old federation home with double brick walls and wood window frames. Both walls and window frames have at least +3 coats of paint on each (I think as I scratch down through the layers I saw dinosaur bones in some layers). Anyways...could you guys comment of your various...
  2. michaelg


    Hi, A question about underpinning... Who here has had to underpin a house? What type of underpinning did you use? Has anyone here use ? I live in a federation house on sandy soil (100m from beach). I wish to know about different underpinning...
  3. michaelg

    Canadian's are stupid !!!

    Howabout.. "Aussie, Aussie Aussie, Court, Court, Court." or "Wrong Way"
  4. michaelg

    Need info

    Hi, I need some help tracking down details of an owner of a property. Could anyone with access to RPData please PM me please. Regards Michael
  5. michaelg

    Nissan - nothing to pay until 2010

    We negotiated 20% off a BMW120i a couple of years back from a dealership that had construction work being done in front of it and the deal was sealed on the last day of the financial year. Our price was car plus all the options we could get our hands on for $1 under the luxury car tax...
  6. michaelg

    Sydney Investors Family Picnic - Dec 7th, Putney Park

    I strongly recommend packing any portable shade of any kind - just in case. I think I had mild heatstroke last time. Michael
  7. michaelg

    Ponds and landscaping

    Hi, I'm interested in having a Koi pond in my backyard, I'm interested to hear peoples experience in making a pond. Also can anyone recommend any landscaping planning software? Regards Michael Gruber
  8. michaelg

    Removing & adding walls

    Hi, I have a house where I'm considering removing a couple of walls and creating some new ones in a double brick home. I'm interested to hear people's experiences with such a venture, things like... - unexpected issues that cropped up, and how you dealt with them. - the costs...
  9. michaelg

    Jobs in IT industry...

    Hi, I'm an Incident Manager for a major IT company. The term Incident Manager is from a discipline called ITIL which is a framework of processes designed to help business structure the way they manage IT. Having worked in IT since '89 doing everything from print operations, to mainframe...
  10. michaelg

    Calculating interest on overdue money

    Hi, Is it an annual interest rate or something else? e.g. if the penalty interest was 8% per annum, then the daily rate would be; annual rate / 365 Then I assume interest is calculated on the amount owing, in this case the missing lease payment if the monthly rent was $2000, then...
  11. michaelg

    Wraps - opinions needed

    Ok, Let me see if I can respond to your points... A couple of reasons come to mind; 1) Does not fit their acceptance criteria, which may include; - an applicants asset/liability ratio - LVR requirements - type of income (self employed etc) 2) They may qualify for a standard loan...
  12. michaelg

    Vendor Finance Companies In Victoria?

    Hi, Here's some thoughts... 1) You want to run it as a business, then you'll need a business plan. You'll need to do your SWOT, etc 2) Determine your market, where are you going to wrap - local or interstate? 3) Are you going to find the property then wrap or let borrowers find their...
  13. michaelg

    Wraps - opinions needed

    Hi Sean, Here's one way to look at wrapping. Many Australians have purchased a home with a loan from a bank. At present the interest rates charged by first tier lenders are around 8-9% and while high, people pay it. But the banks buy this money via securities for a lower rate. In effect...
  14. michaelg

    Wraps. For the beginners out there.

    That is a bit of a generalization. If the purpose of the wrap is for investment purposes. i.e. I want to buy a take-away shop and the vendor agrees to wrap the property to me, then as an investment loan - it is out of scope of the consumer credit code. In VIC, if you operate a business that...
  15. michaelg

    Apple I Phone? worth it or just techno hype...your thougths

    Hi, I got an v1.0 iphone for my brother's girlfriend last year and it wasn't too hard to set up for Vodafone (cost $780 then). I do like the large display, my only gripe with the iphone v2.0 is; a) why have such a great graphics display and processor and only have a 2 megapixel camera...
  16. michaelg

    Comment by 'michaelg' in media 'Renovate or Detonate?'

    Jak, Its been renovated
  17. michaelg

    Travel without a personal computer

    A couple of options.... 1) IPOD: I have an 80gb IPOD (classic) with a suite of portable apps on it; - Firefox (has all my bookmarks) - Thunderbird (email) - Pstart (pop up menu) - Skype I can plug this into any PC and use my email/browser/skype 2) IPOD Touch: my wife has an IPOD...
  18. michaelg

    On the road to Beijing

    Hi, This thread seemed the most appropriate at the moment for my question. Just wondering what are the faster (cost effective) methods of building a simple 3br home. Traditionally we have timber frame, brick veneer. However I've seen compressed polystyreen (I think) which bolt onto a...
  19. michaelg

    SIG Meeting Monday June 16th 2008 - Victor Kumar

    2 for us too
  20. michaelg

    When wrapping, what happens if the buyer defaults on payment?

    Hi, There's really two parts to the question here... 1) What happens to the property? - if its a lease/option or terms contract, then title remains with the vendor-financier. You go through the default process under the UCCC, and foreclose and remove any caveats etc. 2) Are you able to...