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    Im losing my mojo!

    Have you talked to a lawyer to see if there are ways to finance the business without putting the properties at risk (except for the 400k)?
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    Salary Sac to Super vs Putting $ on IP Loan???

    You can sign a binding nomination to pass super to your estate, and have a will that allows testamentary trusts.
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    Inheriting a property and tax

    Also, doesn't the UK have an inheritance tax?
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    Inheriting a property and tax

    Does the PPOR exemption apply to overseas property?
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    ING Direct Refinance

    Even if a broker said 'I can get you a loan with a lower rate and more flexibility down the line when you want to refinance'? What does being 'happy' with ING mean? And what do you get by staying?
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    passionate accountant needed

    What tax instalments have you paid during the year?
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    Getting Started In Property - Unity Funding

    Lay out the numbers and what you've done. What is your income, what have you got saved, and who have you talked to (an independent mortgage broker, your bank, etc)?
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    Claiming Interest Query

    Neptune, you can claim 100% of the deductions because the IP is in your name. Where the IP is in the name of the trustee / trust, dodo CANNOT claim the interest deduction. If it's a loan to the trust, he might be able to claim interest but only if the trust pays him a commercial rate of interest.
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    Investment property in conjunction with son

    Also, super doesn't automatically form part of your estate when you die. You need to make sure binding nominations are in place and your will is done properly.
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    Questions to ask mentor

    What skills / resources / income / contacts does your plan need? You need to decide whether your mentor's plan fits your skill set, or what you need to learn. If you have little experience, maybe let your mentor lead the conversation. You may find that a lot of your questions don't...
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    self managing an ip

    It's already sus because the tenant is family. A more legit way would be 12 month lease, and at every renewal the rent is supported by ads of comparable properties for rent.
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    self managing an ip

    Would you rent it to someone you weren't related to on those terms?
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    self managing an ip

    My thought is that if the ato audits you, you're toast.
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    self managing an ip

    Do you think $400 per week for the next 30 years is reasonable rent? You need to talk to an accountant.
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    self managing an ip

    What sort of rent increase are you writing into the agreement?
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    Not enough talk of SMSFs

    Can a SMSF make a tax loss (including non-cash tax losses such as depreciation)? If not, can that loss be made up by member's contributions? Will the contributions have to 'make up' tax loss on non-cash items? If yes, are member's contributions limited by the usual contribution limits?
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    Lending to a partner question

    With the wife as guarantor, the PPOR IS at risk. The husband fails to pay, the bank goes after the guarantor. With a wife borrows / onlends to husband, the PPOR is probably not at risk.
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    Trust with a minor as the beneficiary

    This is another one of those academically interesting questions, but ideally should never be tested in real life. Per Terry's comments, there are a lot of potential issues with having a trustee as beneficiary. Much better to have a $2 company as trustee. (Which also pre-empts another...
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    Trust with a minor as the beneficiary

    Part of education is learning what NOT to do. In practice, it would make no sense to distribute to minor beneficiaries.
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    Mortgage trusts and serviceability

    For IP related items, there's landlords insurance which includes public liability. Getting frivolous lawsuits by a work colleague is improbable, since if anything occured in a work context, it's more likely that your employer will be sued. Yes, and here is where you're assessing probability...