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    too many IPs

    Well said Rix and it's also in the investor's best interests for a host of reasons, some of which you just outlined.
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    Rent out or sell student style flat.

    Depends on what your goals and strategy is. If assuming you want to build a portfolio and CG is what your looking for then i'd most likely get rid of it. But having said that, if the renal yield is something amazing and puts a big chunk of cash back in your pocket each week then its something...
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    Beach front property for only $16,000!

    Fair enough...I think ill skip my lunch today...
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    Beach front property for only $16,000!

    wow that's crazy... so he actually swapped your gem with his crappy one?? What happened in the end...? do tell! Would be nice if the gem you found was more valuable than the land!:D
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    Newbie question: strategy and preparing for Sydney's top

    No probs. I love seeing young ppl with passion and a plan to achieve their dreams in such an intelligent manner! Its rare.
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    Beach front property for only $16,000!

    and at the end it says " you should consider this as your escape to the "easy life"." Yeah so easy and amazing :rolleyes:
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    Share your "but this time it's different" stories

    Owning a home in Australia has never just been a walk in the park. My dad worked his *** off for years before he bought his first home over 40 years ago, while is friends were gambling, drinking, partying and the rest. today, most of them are still renting.
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    Beach front property for only $16,000!

    NOt interested in washing my manual labour eh..:p
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    Why do you Invest in Property?

    Nice goal there :) Get ready for a battle of all battles to get there. Your age is on your side though mate. Well done.
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    Buying in the Right Stage of the Economic Cycle?

    Many people will always find good reasons why not to invest in Australian property. Either its the Chinese buyers or a bubble or Interest rates or Europe's troubles or whatever. My dad tells me during his time it was exactly the same. And yet many investors manage to consistently build...
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    When do you decide to improve IP

    IMO improvements should only be made for a handful of reasons. 1. Obvious repairs that need fixing asap. 2. If your research shows you that for a small spend, it can yield a worthwhile increase in rent. then it might be worth it. 3. If your research shows you that a cosmetic reno would...
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    Yet another Brisbane thread... $650k budget

    Without knowing too much about your strategy etc, I would be looking within 12km from the CBD. A house. Not new. Something you can add value to. And try to buy it at a good price. Although time is running out.
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    advice needed on first investment property

    Depends what the huge development is but basically the influx of new stock (especially if massive stock like you indicated) can cause an imbalance in supply and demand for an area for a period of time, therefore limiting growth potential for that period, IMO.
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    Supply and Demand (

    IMO this is a little tricky and can be interpreted in a few different ways and also be misleading at times. If say the last 5 years growth indicates solid, consistent great growth, some ppl interpret it as a great area to buy into now and that the growth will continue. Other may see it as...
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    Brisbane- what to buy

    yup. That's been what ive seen.
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    Brisbane- what to buy

    Hi Gradeng, Yes 405sqm or there abouts is standard, so I was suggesting something that's above the norm to give your IP an edge in terms of land size. In terms of LMR, yes you would need at least 600sqm, but if were talking just for IP purposes, then what im saying is try to get a place...
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    Newbie question: strategy and preparing for Sydney's top

    If you meet a financial planner like Rolf on here then perhaps yes. Otherwise, the ones I have seen over the years have no clue about building wealth and their advice was counterproductive to building wealth!. The best, best thing you can do is educate yourself. Its not hard. And if you want to...
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    New Investor

    It really depends on your future investment goals etc. But option 1 sounds better to me generally.
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    Beginner's Advice

    HI Tamblin, I know a little about your industry :) and to be honest its one of the most ideal sectors (health) to be in, in terms of using the income to reinvest in assets to build wealth. Your high disposable income (plus overtime), combined with the job security of the health industry puts...