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    Managing my own property?

    If you aren't using a PM I would suggest calling one in relation to a rental property they own and try to get a copy of their rental application which you can copy to get your friend and other to fill out separately, also ensure you get copies of their Drivers Licence and address and phone...
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    renting to a 8x-year old

    Firstly I thought you were looking at renting to an eight year old - oops. I have no problem renting to and 80+ year old. One of my best tenants was an 80 year old and his son. His son is still there. Also you mention she has an IP so she is sure to look after your property. As...
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    QLD Redcliffe area - PM recommendations please

    I can highly recommend Lu Bracher at Property Management HQ, I think she manages properties in that area. Mobile: 0425 22 5678 Office: 07 3135 9080 Email: [email protected] Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Heather
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    Managing Property while interstate

    Managing a property from interstate is too hard to do - especially with new tenants, property inspections or if you need to go to court etc. I can highly recommend Lu Bracher at Property Management HQ. Mobile: 0425 22 5678 Office: 07 3135 9080 Email: [email protected] I also...
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    I just "made" $500 in 10 min -ask me how:)

    I had to call Yuoi to pay my contents insurance. The guy commented I had tried to get a quote for car insurance - it didn't go further cos my model wasn't listed. This time however he used my registration to find the car. I had gone to Bingle cos they were the cheapest and really didn't...
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    Property manager in Mt Gravatt

    Mick If Gobrisbane doesn't work I would also highly recommend Lu. I have used her for my properties in Brisbane. Good luck
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    Property manager redland shire area

    Adz I highly recommend Lu Bracher at Property Management HQ, she covers Caboolture to Ormeau. Her office number is 07 3135 9080, email at [email protected] or check her web site Good Luck Heather
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    QCAT Found in our favour - next step ?

    L and P Now you have a QCAT ruling in your favour you should be able to add their names onto TICA. Then hopefully when they try to find another place to live they may realise they have to pay you back. I would try Barclays MIS to see if they can help. I am not sure what they charge but they...
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    Excellent PM in Brisbane?....Not any more (sigh)

    Aurora I highly recommend Lu Bracher at Property Management HQ. THis is her business and she employees a few people. I haven't met them but by the sound of their voices they are neither young nor inexperienced. Property Management HQ services the greater Brisbane area from Caboolture to...
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    Property Managers

    I send emails outside office hours (so everything is in writing) but then often will call my PM as more personal. If your PM never replies I would be looking elsewhere. If your property is in Logan, Queensland I can highly recommend Lu Bracher at Property Management HQ, 07 3135 9080 or 0425...
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    Home owner to Investment Property

    Also get a depreciation schedule done so you can claim depreciation - I use and highly recommend Scott Brunsdon at Depreciator - phone 1300 66 00 33
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    Neighbor's tree damaging antenna

    Check on your council website to find out what you can and can't do with trees. Are the branches coming over your fence or is it just the tree has grown and you antenna is in the shade? But before you do anything else go round and talk to your neighbour. Always good to be on talking terms...
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    Not all occupants listed on the lease

    It doesn't matter what the PM says it is your property. I am assuming your property is in QLD. The Tenancy agreement at Item 15 states the number of people that can reside at the property, so she may be in breach of her lease, so a good PM would call the tenant to discuss. The new occupant...
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    Centrepay Charges: Funny

    Nothing about the fees. As you say you agreed and as other posts say the tenant can't be charged Centrelink fees. It also sounds as if you didn't know who was in the property. Why didn't PM advise you of the extra tenants? Are all the tenants on the lease? it is a bit hard to get rid of...
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    Alarm Bells - Please Urgent Help needed

    Alarm bells - the heading says it all. If it is a verbal agreement I would walk away, as mentioned in other posts, how are you going to get a tenant if no agent will help, insurance will only coer 30 days vacant Why is the property for sale? Is the area that bad? There are plenty other...
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    how long does your average tenant stay?

    One of my tenants was in the house when I bought it - 12 years ago, but then the shortest is one year. I now give a new tenant a six month lease to start with then if they are ok will go one or even two years. The idea being is if they don't turn out as thought I can tell them lease not being...
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    Would you?

    I love old houses and land, so would look into as a PPR. Depends on how run down the house is and on the heritage listing and the restrictions that are put on the house. Also can some of the land be subdivided. Also depends on what you classify as a "dog of an area", where it is etc. South...
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    Recommendations for PM on Brisbane South side

    Hi NeedMoreTime I would highly recommend Lu Bracher at Property Management HQ. Her contact details are: mobile 0425 225 678 or email [email protected] She manages two of my IPs and I have found her to be a great PM. I have had some bad ones in the past so know what they are...
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    Question regarding: Self Management of IP V Manage by agent

    As all previous posts have said - I would get a good Property Manager to do the work. They can access lots of databases to check on prospective tenants that if you self manage you can't do. I used to self manage. In Brisbane I was able to get an agent to find a tenant then I did the...
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    Process of renting out a property

    Even though you are renting to your sister it is still your house and as you are renting it out you should consider it as a business transaction. Business within family and friends can still turn bad. I would definately get a lease signed and both keep a copy. This will also help your sister...