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    Missing Bulk Delete Action in

    Hi, How to delete more than one property under My Saved Properties? The only way I am able to delete saved properties under “My Saved Properties” section is by viewing them under “List” or “Gallery” view and clicking the “Delete” icon under each property. I can see that there is a...
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    Yet another FHO confused – 14*32 (448m2) for $310 vs 16*32 (512m2) for $375

    CALLING ON GURUS here to guide yet another FHO :confused: I’m curious if you think extra 65K is justified to move from 448m2 to 512m2? I’m going to be borrowing this difference so when time comes to sell (single story on both 448 & 512) how much more do you think one would pay for a house on...
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    kealba buy or not to buy?

    Hi All, We are thinking of buying a block on 22 Stenson Road, Kealba. I have following concerns about this suburb & location. 1. Stenson Rd and Orbit Rd are closer to the Kealba Concrete batch plant and land fill & rock crushing. General perception is that it gets very dusty due to rock...