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    housing commission

    Just ring NSW Housing who are based in Redfern or call the Cop shop at Redfern & tell them the address & they can tell you if it's near housing commission.
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    Changes / tightening on servicing for investors

    Thanks Redom! Glad I didn't make any bets on who was right with that one. Husband would have won...for a change! :p
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    Changes / tightening on servicing for investors

    So am I reading this correctly...Westpac Group would include St George and they are now only approving investment loans for 70% LVR for a new Purchase?
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    Property Managers - Deception Bay / Rothwell / North Lakes

    Hi Wombat777, We have just bought in Deception Bay. We are still waiting to settle so can't give you any feedback past the stage we are currently at. We have signed up with Alana Barry at Realway Northlakes and she has been brilliant. She has inspected several properties for us, given lots of...
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    Masters flat pack kitchen.

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    Masters flat pack kitchen.

    Dylan33 We used Bunnings and we're pretty happy 4 years on. This is a 4 years later pick.There is some faint yellowing of the cupboards above the rangehood but we haven't taken the protective film off the cupboards so this might be why. Splashback, stone bench and appliances are not Bunnings...
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    Grandparents Looking After Grandchildren

    Hubby & I work shiftwork around each other so that one of us is always home for the kids. Would love the Grandparents to help out but they rarely offer. We only ask for help for the odd wedding attendance or special event. Personally I think that my kids and the Grandparents are missing out on...
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    This month's API

    Nice to read great success stories with familiar faces. Well done guys! Hubby excitedly showed me the mag last night. He's not addicted to Somersoft as yet but my evil plan seems to be coming together nicely if he can recognize Somersoft members in an API mag ;)
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    Cost of adding a Pergola & Carport in Morten Bay Area

    I'm actively hunting for my next IP in the Morten Bay Council area. My wish list is a 3bed, 1 bath, carport and covered outdoor area. I have seen a few good properties that I would be interested in but they lacked the carport and covered outdoor entertaining area. I'm trying to cost out these...
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    Laminate flooring -

    Thanks for the advice Crankshaw, watched a few Utube videos and can see it's not worth hiring someone. Could save some $ towards something else. Might even tackle some other jobs ourselves. Worst that can happen is we need to call in a trade to rescue us and take over. Worth a go I think.
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    Laminate flooring -

    Crankshaw, are you fairly 'handy' when it comes to DIY? My hubby is not at all handy. If he watched an installation video and then tried to do it himself would he be ok? He's fairly practical but I wouldn't leave him in a corner with floorboards and tools and paper instructions! I have to...
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    Redfern's "The Block" Devepopment.

    Yes, will be interesting to see how it pans out at court!
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    good property podcasts?

    If you search "sky business" it should appear as the 1st option. Once you subscribe it will download all the episodes. The property episode is Monday.
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    Logan B&P recommendations

    Twinspectors - 1300 304 145 Thought they were very efficient.
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    Redfern's "The Block" Devepopment.

    Things are happening... I think construction or atleast clearing of the tent embassy and fencing being set up is imminent. Stay tuned over the next 4 weeks for some movement.
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    good property podcasts?

    Sky business - your money, your call
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    Renovating remotely - who did you use to project manage?

    Bob Shovel, not sure what the demand would be like for this kind of thing but there are certainly a lot of renters in Deception Bay - roughly 43% so plenty of investors. Just wanting some feedback from those who've been there. I could only find 1 other thread on this topic and nothing that...
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    Renovating remotely - who did you use to project manage?

    Currently looking at Deception Bay for an IP. We realise this is a very active market right now. We are contemplating buying a property with good bones but in need of a cosmetic makeover. We have a property manager that has been recommended that friends are happy with. We haven't discussed what...
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    My wonderful tenants

    Hi Beachgurl, What area is your property located in? If it's a busy area for the police it may be worth your while going in to see the police with your property manager. If there is a police crew available they may attend your property with you and you can get it sorted quicker. Harder to put...
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    Need Ideas/Imagination

    I think it's the colour of the brickwork that says 'correctional' centre. It looks a bit like the pig from Angry Birds. It needs a friendly colour scheme change.