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    Apartment Development Cost

    ok estimating is a fine art to be honest ! Straight from Rawlinsons 2014 Multi Unit - Low Density, no lift exc balconies Basic finish- $1550 - $1670 Medium finish - $1690 - $1820m2 No gst Look, I just tendered and won 14 apartments in Midland for around 2.7mill inc gst, so the rate...
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    End of an Era

    Wow, its been 8 years and nearly 8 properties later, thanks all for the excellent education see you on the other site ! CHOMP
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    Apartment Development Cost

    I would allow $2,750 m2 dont measure carports, balcony's, just internal floor area's. this should cover, margin, gst and site works as well.
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    Taking Mechanic to Court

    Ok so I applied for a court date a couple of months ago and got one for the 1st of July. Dodgy mechanic rings me the other day and offerd me $500 bucks to settle out of court. I told him to jump he needs to refund the whole lot, so see how he plays it. He actually emailed me the offer...
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    Soakwell sitework cost WA

    What suburb you in ? PM me and I will give you some contacts
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    Soakwell sitework cost WA

    IF its just getting the block stripped and compacted I wouldn't pay anymore than around $12m2, tell you builder to exclude earthworks and get some quotes ?
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    Soakwell sitework cost WA

    What size are your blocks ? Do you have a lot of vegetation / trees on them ? What is your soil classification ? Do you need bulk earthworks (export bad & import clean class A sand) ?
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    Apparently I'm considered "Rich" or "Loaded"...

    Yeah totally agree, just because some plebs call you rich that doesn't necessarily make it so ! Use those above you as your inspiration and ignore the plebs, I think finding the line where you are happy etc.. is the main goal. And the old cliche if you are doing what you enjoy, money is...
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    Selling Agent Dianella WA

    I would think subdividing and selling might be the better option, but it should be pretty simple to work out if you set up a spreadsheet. I used Carlos from Acton in Mt Lawley for my last one, he has the gift of the gab and got me a good price. Chomp
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    WA Budget
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    2015-2016 Budget

    Being from WA I thing the GST distribution is not fair by a long shot. Look at this link below, I can understand some of the states claiming more but the NT is off the charts and how is the ACT claiming so much ??
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    Negative Gearing

    Grants / Subsidies, why pick on one class, look at the link below, should we scrap all of them as well ?
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    Landscaper Recommendation Perth

    I used a bloke called John from Gumtree in the end, he was a lot cheaper standard of work was good enough for what I wanted. John 0408 755 306 not sure if that number still works.
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    Negative Gearing

    Yeah don't let the truth get in the way ! How about most investors are middle income earners as well !
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    Negative Gearing

    NG is like buying a brand new car for tax purposes you spend a dollar to get 30 cents back, no one does it on purpose. But If they are going to tax you when its positively geared then they should help you when its negatively geared. That's if you are expecting the Government to do the...
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    Where to buy in Perth?

    At the end of the day you have to do your own due diligence and know what something is worth, you have to spend the time doing this. I would Narrow it down to 1 suburb and start from there. will show what sold recently in the area so that is a good start.
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    Where to buy in Perth?

    Probably as close to the Coogee Marina / beach / Fremantle as you can get would be my pick, preferably west of Rockingham Rd .
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    My Strategy -The next 20 years

    Year 1 ? 15: Buy as many high growth properties as possible. Aiming for around 7-10 in capital cities. Never cross-collateralize & Fund negative equity shortfall by LOC to maximize tax advantage. What is your plan to implement this part of the strategy ?
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    What's gonna stop the Sydney boom?

    Can anyone who is living in Sydney confirm that wages are rising at all ? Chomp
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    Yokine Perth, Closest to the Pin !

    Sale Price: 1,050,000 Sale Date: 12/03/15 Area: 1014 m? Zoning: R30 Purchaser: NOT AVAILABLE I was 50k out, not a bad effort ! that works out to be $1035.00 m2 btw