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  1. roypropertyinv

    Best way to split block into three

    so thats how its done!
  2. roypropertyinv

    Best way to split block into three

    For the developers and creatively minded out there, what would be the most efficient way to split this block into three. Corner block. About 720m2 in total. Assuming the top of the page is north, access to the plot is along the northern and western faces via a road running along those edges.
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    Mid melbourne or brisbane

    "The Commonwealth Bank-CoreLogic Home Buyers Index (HBI) April 2015 found that out of the ten 'best sellers' markets nationwide, seven were located in Victoria."
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    Journey so far - $75k salary (average), 5 years, 10 properties

    Super post! I see you have one in Redcliffe, any plans for more in that area?
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    My first reno

    Looks really impressive. well done!
  6. roypropertyinv

    Is it time for Frankston?

    Nice summary Cadence
  7. roypropertyinv

    Ingleburn and Surrounds

    It's in Sydney?
  8. roypropertyinv

    Lane Cove

    Seems like it didn't sell in October, just March last year. Interesting to see what it fetches a year later. Think I will wander down to the Auction and be nosy!
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    Which one? Redcliffe, Brighton or Slacks Creek

    I bought in Redcliffe in February, after flying up from Sydney and having a look around. The town centre is pretty decent and just down the road Scarborough is a very nice place. I liked the vibe there, so took the plunge. Overall, I'd say Redcliffe has some decent potential, and there...
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    subdivision costs-south/east suburbs melbourne

    Hi Albanga How is the subdivision going? Do you have a list of actual costs? Roy
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    Petrol Stations

    I once read about McDonalds that McDonalds themselves weren't in the business of selling burgers, they were in the business of real estate. Read this article and that reminded me of that...
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    Ingleburn and Surrounds

    Ingleburn and Surrounds Heating Up Seems like Ingleburn and surrounds are heating up. Just got an email from my property manager, they are No. 1 in sales for Sydney region in March. To quote the email: --- Disclosure: I'm happy about this, I have an IP in Ingleburn!
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    This month's API

    Well done Michael, will have a read this evening!
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    Sydney Market at top - calling a severe correction in 2018-2019

    I think it was first used in the book Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Good book.
  15. roypropertyinv

    Sydney Market at top - calling a severe correction in 2018-2019

    I'm interested in the economic rationale of raising interest rates if unemployment high and jobs unavailable.
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    What can i do? - prior to settlement

    A timely word of caution from this thread...
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    Do you have Landlord Insurance?

    I agree with the principal of what you are saying, but the risk and reward of insurance policies cover thousands of clients. When I get to the number of properties (I estimate 10 properties @ $250 per year) where the cost of insurance outweighs the (anticipated) cost of repairs etc from one...
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    Do you have Landlord Insurance?

    I concur :)
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    good property podcasts?

    Its US focused, but for real estate podcasts, you cant beat BiggerPockets. Some pretty inspirational stories on there and over 100 episodes to choose from.
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    Investment Advice Needed - Melbourne

    You cant squeeze an extra $50k and buy 3 in Frankston North on 600m2 blocks for $250k each? You'll get around 5% rental yield, there's subdivision potential and you'll reduce the 400-500 monthly holding costs.