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    PM_Marsfield/North Ryde/Epping/Eastwood

    Hi, My current PM is selling out and has "transferred" my properties to a "friend" of theirs. I dont want to just be "sold" - I did research before I signed with current PM - so now need a PM in the Macquarie Uni/ Epping/North Ryde/ Eastwood locality. My property is really close to Mac Uni...
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    Smoke alarm compliance

    smoke alarms It is now end Oct Anyone found a smoke checking company doing inspections for under $99 in Sydney? I have a duplex and wanted a discount for the second property to be done at the same time - told "no" pay twice ! wot a rort
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    Accountant has not filed 09-10 personal tax return

    Hi, I had an appointment with my accountant on September 14, 2010. He wasted a lot of time and we did not get everything done, so he scooped up all my documents to take back to his out of Sydney office. He said he would have the return completed by the end of the following week. Time past...
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    Post-war Fibro

    Fibro is only a problem if you are renovating.
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    Bubble or not - List your disc findings !

    This post is so timely. Had 20ms to kill so did what I do in circumstances such as these - I press my nose to the real estate windows. I like to think I am a bit of an expert on prices in my chosen area. When I was purchasing for my SMSF I went to open house after open house thru 2010...
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    Now that Barry is NSW Premier..

    Hi Joanne, It might "feel" like NSW has just had a huge change of political tide, but for north-west Sydney today and next week and next year and the next decade it will be just a continuation of Groundhog Day. North West Sydney is a black hole of political apathy. Historically (for...
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    crap burbs gone good over time.

    Like to add Eastwood/Marsfield (North Ryde) in Sydney. Used to have housing commission. All been redeveloped now. When I bought property in late 80s everyone sneered and smirked and mocked. Now - general response to owning an IP in this area prompts remarks of envy - not the derision of...
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    New Stove for Tenants to Replace Faulty Stove

    cheap/value oven Hi also looking for under bench oven for tenants. Have been googling and stalking online auction and discounters, but I just cant seem to find the bargains everyone skites about. Any tips other than Rob's link? I'm in Sydney thanks\
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    Oven repair required _North Ryde Syd

    thanks i thought kleenmaide went bust some years back..... will try this link thanks
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    Does having Professional photos get a higher return on your investment property?

    ...... people leaving personal items everywhere..... when in the market for another IP last year I went to an open home and the child's psychiatric report was hanging on the fridge door with a magnet..... i think I was the only one who noticed - and no - i did not read past once i realised...
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    New here - Property Manager help

    or you could do what I have found myself doing for the past decade p ay handsomely to keep a dog (PM) and then find myself doing most of the barking myself ( sourcing tradies, carrying out repairs, responding to emergency requests the very nano-second I leave Syd for a (rare, much deserved\)...
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    Oven repair required _North Ryde Syd

    HI, I am being stuffed around by my PM and need to locate a reliable licenced insured reasonably priced repairman to fix cooktop+oven. Cooktop has a light that does not come on - switch needs/repair/replace Oven hinge needs repair/replace. Kleenmaid appliances from 2000. Would...
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    "Death by unnatural causes"

    From memory this clause came about after a law case. A particularly gruesome murder was committed. I believe this was in the Ryde area of NSW. Eventually the property where the family were murdered was sold. The new purchasers were oblivious to the fate of the previous owners. Once they...
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    To sell as a rental or empty?

    Went on a property inspection this weekend. Just for fun - not really interested or cashed up to play, but wanted to get a "feel" for what this type of property in this location was "doing". Chatting to agent later was told the tenants had tried to buy and their finance had fallen over...
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    No Contract of Sale

    Hi CL. You say: "In New South Wales, a Real Estate Agent cannot advertise or show a prospective Purchaser the property until the Real Estate Agent has a Contract for Sale of Land available to provide to a Purchaser at the time of advertising or showing the property to the Purchaser." HOWEVER...
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    Recommend a great PM for North Ryde/ Macquarie?

    I am seeking recommendations for an exceptional PM for my IP near Macquarie Uni/ North Ryde/Marsfield. Due to proximity to Uni previous lazy PMs want to con me into allowing students. No students but pets OK if on a special cleaning clause lease! Property is a 3-bed 2-bath duplex. Lots of space...
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    No Contract of Sale

    I have recent negotiated on a property purchase. The vendors are listed as "self acting". The RE has only provided a few pages - my solicitor says I do not have a valid Contract of Sale as yet. The negotiation has proceeded over about 10 days - and the agent has been requested for the Contract...
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    Lawyer Conveyancer for NSW

    Try Luis Batalha at Batallion Legal Pitt St Sydney
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    SMSF trustee is Bank-boozled

    Hi All, A few posts back I was asked for an update.. have been out there "making it happen" and so not on lurking on the forums.... I already had the SMSF with a corporate trustee. (Bought in 2009 and piad WAAAAY too much, so lets just move on, OK - its about learning curves and all...
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    Planning in chaos!

    The earth was flat for a millennium because Those in Charge (and the majority) said it was......