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    Keeping your eyes on the prize

    Good effort on the weight loss!! I've heard too many bad things about joint partnerships. I wouldn't do it in case it gets messy, which eventually happens when money is involved. I've decided to focus on increasing my income but also learning about shares. I have other non wealth related...
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    Is 5 years old too young to start eductaing about money

    I don't think it's too young. You just have to talk in their language. When I started giving my 10yo pocket money, I taught her about breaking up the amounts for saving and spending. Lately I've been talking to her about investing. I use simple stories to help her understand. Eg if an...
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    Question about paying a credit card off.

    Just call your credit provider and ask what they can do for your situation. That's all I had to do and they helped me out with reduced payments whilst out of work.
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    Keeping your eyes on the prize

    Thanks for sharing guys! It's comforting to read others experiences. With my focus and frustration, other parts of my life have been overlooked. I should really just chill out and enjoy the journey. My goals have been set and I look at it daily to remain focused. I've cut spending and...
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    Keeping your eyes on the prize

    Hey SSers, Saving for the next IP is going to take awhile and I've got no equity to play with. I'm getting a little frustrated just reading and talking about property but I can't buy anything. All I can do is research areas I'd invest in if I had the money now. Unable to do much...
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    Adelaide Meeting

    I stay in Glenelg every 6-8 weeks and would be keen to attend. If the organiser can post future dates, I'd plan my trip to attend when I can.
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    What can/cant you go without?

    During the working week I've cut most things out. I've cut McDonalds coffee, takeaway lunches and snacks, my own home cooking, online shopping, books and magazines just to name a few. I realised I can easily find alternatives such as home brand coffee, packed tuna and bread for lunches, eat at...
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    Selling an I.P to instead invest in Google shares?

    If I truly understood Google as a business, my research shows it'll deliver and fits into my trading strategy then I'd back myself.
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    Feedback with how I find cashflow positive property

    Thanks for sharing. I'll be sure to look at growth drivers alongside CG and not just the hard numbers
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    Feedback with how I find cashflow positive property

    Thanks CJay. For a newbie, it's a good sign that I'm heading in the right direction when you more experienced guys confirm that I'm doing somethings right. I just really want to improve finding areas with potential and fit my plans. Any suggestions on how you narrow down your selection of...
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    Feedback with how I find cashflow positive property

    Awesome. Love this! Would have never looked at Goulburn because of the restrictive criteria that I need to refine. Agree with Renos too but with limited funds and time I can't see that being possible for me. Vaughn, what I really want to know is how did you narrow down to Goulburn, or any...
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    Feedback with how I find cashflow positive property

    Definitely a challenge (starting to think its impossible) to find cashflow positive property. I completely agree I'm needing at least 8% yields if I was just focused on CF+. I use an interest rate 1-2% above current rates in my calculations. I've also looked at rural towns with...
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    Feedback with how I find cashflow positive property

    Thanks for your input. I had the same thoughts about looking at past performance. I can't remember which a 'guru' suggested looking at a 3 year growth trend for a suburb when researching, and selecting locations that are on the up trend in the last 2 years with the assumption a cycle last 7...
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    Melbourne Feb 2014 Somersoft Meeting - Matthew Flinders Chadstone

    Glad to see this but not glad that I can't come along until May :mad:
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    Feedback with how I find cashflow positive property

    Advice on how I find cashflow positive property Hi Everyone, Learning so much from everyone posts. I'm new to the forum and I?m interested in your feedback on my plans. I am very new to property investing, having only read some books and the internet. I plan to buy and hold. While I...